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Dornbracht faucets: Timeless and iconic

Luxury kitchen faucets in a broad range of designs and functionality

Whether you're preparing food or washing your hands, interaction with water is an essential part of the kitchen experience. Dornbracht's broad range of high-end fixtures provide both timeless design options and uncompromising functionality to meet your everyday needs.

Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration

Start designing your luxury kitchen with the latest from Dornbracht. 

Dornbracht CTA Brochure Kitchen Inspiration

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Custom finishes

Dornbracht offers a broad range of designs and faucets to suit your style and meet the demands of your kitchen. Unique quality finishes characterize our designer fittings and kitchen sinks are crafted with the greatest possible precision and care.

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Finish offerings

Dornbracht chrome Inspiration

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Platinum matte Inspiration

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Dark Brass matte Inspiration

Dark Brass matte

Dornbracht Dark Bronze matte Inspiration

Dark Bronze matte

Dornbracht Dark Platinum matte Inspiration

Dark Platinum matte

Dornbracht Tara Ultra Water Dispenser chrome Kitchen Inspiration

Drinking water faucets

Drinking water: The Water Dispenser and Bar Tap offer easy and practical funtionality for drinking water at home. These compact units dispense hot or cold filtered water in an instant.

What motivates us?

Our desire to deliver products and solutions that ultimately enrich daily life in the kitchen. Our products are forward thinking in design and function, ensuring relevance, timeless appeal and ease of use.

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Design with personality.

Dornbracht MEM chrome Bathroom Inspiration

A lifetime of quality.

Dornbracht Sync chrome Kitchen Inspiration

Processes that combine comfort and functionality.

Discover Dornbracht for your kitchen


Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Pull-down faucets 33875895

Pull-down faucets

Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Pull-out faucets 33870790

Pull-out faucets

Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Profi mixer 33865895

Profi mixer

Hole mounting

Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Single hole mounting 33800875

Single-hole mounting

Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Two-hole mounting 33826875

Two-hole mounting

Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Three-hole mounting 20815892

Three-hole mounting


Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Deck-mounted faucets 33870875

Deck-mounted faucets

Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Wall-mounted faucets 36838625

Wall-mounted faucets


Dornbracht Kitchen faucets Water Dispenser 17861875

Water Dispenser

Dornbracht Kitchen faucets drinking Accessories 38001000



Dornbracht Kitchen Chrome Finish

Polished Chrome

 Dornbracht Kitchen Platinum Matte Finish

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Kitchen Dark Platinum Matte Finish

Dark Platinum matte

Dornbracht Kitchen Brass Matte Finish

Brushed Durabrass


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