Dornbracht IMO chrome Bathroom Inspiration


Welcome to your bathroom.

For every lifestyle: 

IMO is the ideal fitting for bathroom designs that are expressive and personal in nature, ideal for those who want to implement their own ideas.

IMO has different designs for washbasins. For example, the single-lever washbasin mixer with a raised spout is especially convenient to use.

Design that naturally complements your day to day lifestyle. IMO fits perfectly into any interior design style.  

Several IMO accessories, designed to perfectly match the series, provides harmony of design.

IMO offers numerous options for the bathtub, for example a three-hole single-lever mixer that retains the clear, modern design of the series.

IMO’s clear design language means the fitting can be used in all types of interior design styles, and it allows the creative and individual use of colors and finishes. Here we see it with the high-gloss Chrome finish. 

Dornbracht IMO Chrome Bathroom Inspiration
Dornbracht IMO platinum matte Bathroom Inspiration

With its distinctive angular spout, which is combined with a cylindrical body in a well-proportioned fashion, IMO stands out from the rest. 

Dornbracht IMO platinum matte Bathroom Inspiration

Discover the fascinating IMO product range: Expressive bathroom fitting designs for washbasin, shower and bath. 

Dornbracht IMO Bathroom 33500670

Single-lever basin mixer with pop-up waste

Art. No. 33500670

Dornbracht IMO Bathroom 28649670

Rain shower with wall fixing

Art. No. 28649670

Dornbracht IMO Bathroom 36 426 670

Concealed thermostat with two function volume control

Art. No. 36426670

Dornbracht IMO Bathroom 27802970

Hand shower set with integrated shower holder

Art. No. 27802970

Dornbracht IMO Bathroom 27412670

Three-hole single-lever bath mixer 

Art. No. 27412670

Dornbracht Bathroom Inspiration

Expertise in luxury bathrooms

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Variety in finishes

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration chrom

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Finish Platinum matt

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration Brushed Durabrass

Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration Platinum


Dornbracht Vaia Bathroom Inspiration dark platinum matt

Dark Platinum matte

IMO combines two prevalent design languages, combining a rounded body with a rectangular lever and spout.  This hybrid shape gives the series a universal design language with a distinctively modern and high-end look. Its universal form functions as a building block for the creativity of the user, and thus fits into almost any interior design style.

simple. connecting. fresh.


A well-thought-out design that accompanies us through our day quite naturally. IMO does not embody a sterile, highly stylish bathroom. It embodies authenticity that adapts to the individual style and needs of the people who use it.


The design language of IMO makes it unique in its versatility. It is the ideal series of Dornbracht fittings for those who want to make their own ideas of a perfect bathroom a reality.


IMO offers an exceptional variety of fitting designs for the washbasin area, for example a three-hole faucet and a single-lever mixer with a raised spout for greater convenience.

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Dornbracht IMO chrome Bathroom Inspiration

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Dornbracht Bath IMO Single-lever mixers 33500670

Single-lever mixers

Dornbracht Bath IMO Three-hole mounting 20713670

Three-hole mounting

Dornbracht Bath IMO Deck-mounted faucets 13716670

Deck-mounted faucets

Dornbracht Bath IMO wallmounted faucets 13800670

Wall-mounted faucets

Dornbracht Bath IMO Accessories 83435970



Dornbracht Bath IMO Control Elements 36427670

Control Elements

Dornbracht Bath IMO Shower Accessories 28450980



Dornbracht Bath IMO Deck-mounted tub faucets 27412670

Deck-mounted tub faucets

Dornbracht Bath IMO Wall-mounted tub faucets 13801670

Wall-mounted tub faucets

Dornbracht Bath IMO Tub Accessories 28450980



Dornbracht Bath IMO Bidet Faucets 33600670

Bidet faucets

Dornbracht Bath IMO Bidet Accessories 22901782



Dornbracht Bathroom Chrome Finish

Polished Chrome

Dornbracht Bathroom Platinum Matte Finish

Platinum matte

Dornbracht Bathroom Brass Brushed Finish

Brushed Durabrass

Dornbracht Bathroom Dark Platinum Matte Finish

Dark Platinum matte

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