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The essentials at a glance:

The subject: Transforming Water
Distinctive features: Sensory water experiences with Sensory Sky, Vertical Shower and Horizontal Shower
Interface concept/design: Dornbracht in collaboration with Sieger Design, Meiré und Meiré and Square One

Smart men take smart showers: Dornbracht Sensory Sky, Vertical Shower and Horizontal Shower

ISERLOHN It energises you in the morning, relaxes you after a demanding day at work and releases tension after a strenuous workout. The daily shower is one of the most important rituals of modern man. For 66% of men, it is part and parcel of everyday life, as a GfK study on behalf of Blue Responsibility discovered. Dornbracht raises the beneficial water experience to a completely new level. With Sensory Sky, Vertical Shower and Horizontal Shower, the daily shower ritual is transformed into a unique experience for body, mind and soul – whether in the spa, or in the comfort of your own home.

The innovative water applications are based on Dornbracht's Ambiance Tuning Technique.
This is the first time that different flow modes and outlets can be combined into pre-programmed choreographies of water temperature and water volume. Thanks to digital control and the inclusion of an IP-compliant interface, product solutions can also be linked to other components in the house, such as light and sound – and so far, Dornbracht is the only manufacturer in the industry to make this possible. So the morning shower does not just mean starting the day with the temperature that makes you feel good, there is also your favourite music and preferred light choreography.

Dornbracht developed the Ambiance Tuning Technique as part of the Transforming Water concept. This represents the transforming effect of water on the individual. The different scenarios have either a balancing, relaxing or invigorating effect – a smart helping hand to get us fit and mentally strong enough to face the varied challenges of everyday life.

Fresh Start: Top up with energy for the day
The morning begins with Sensory Sky and the invigorating reLease scenario. Taking intense summer rain as its model, this shower choreography of rain, mist, light and fragrance is simultaneously cleansing and liberating – perfect preparation for an active and productive day. Different rain modes and invigorating changes in temperature and light stimulate the circulation, drive away tiredness and dispense energy. A refreshing fragrance with hints of citrus on an earthy base revitalises and sharpens the senses. The fascinating interaction of summer rain and sheet lightning promotes a feeling of release – a fresh start for body, mind and soul.

Relax: Reducing stress after a hard day at work
We gave our all to the job – getting an important project successfully off the ground, bringing a lucrative deal to its conclusion. Time for a reset: Reduce the stress and get some rest. The Horizontal Shower De-Stressing scenario literally washes the day from your body. The application is the first to give you a fascinating water massage while you are lying down. The water is heated slowly and deliberately to release tension and encourage the mind to also let go. Degree by degree, the unruly torrent of thoughts dies down and is transposed into a clear, calm thought flow. Your mind and body are pure and clear once again.

After sport: Loosen your muscles, recharge your batteries
An energetic run in the open air, an effective workout in the gym. Regular physical activity keeps us in shape and helps us to stay fit and able in the long term. After sport,
Vertical Shower brings our energy level back up. The Energizing choreography stimulates all the senses, activating the circulation and microcirculation. A constant alternation of pleasantly warm and refreshingly cold gushes of water encourages the blood to circulate and improves muscle regeneration – and gets us fit for the next training session more quickly.

Overview: Sensory Sky, Vertical Shower and Horizontal Shower
In Sensory Sky, different rain modes, mist, light and fragrances are combined into complex choreographies that are inspired by weather phenomena and the moods of nature. Like taking a shower in the open air, where stress and obligations recede into the distance. The extensive rain panel has separate nozzle arrays for the overhead spray, body spray and rain curtain, as well as a cold water mist nozzle and light and fragrance functions. These can be selected separately, or develop their effect through the pre-programmed scenarios reAdjust, reJoice and reLease.

Horizontal Shower is a unique water massage that you can enjoy lying on your front or on your back, on a heated reclining area. It combines six Water Bars, that are set into an extensive shower panel above a reclining area. Different flow modes, volumes of water and changing temperatures are combined into three scenarios, each developing a balancing (Balancing), invigorating (Energizing) or relaxing (De-Stressing) effect. The result is complete and utter relaxation.

Vertical Shower combines specific outlets with different flow modes: Just Rain envelops your body in big, glistening drops of water. A wide, clear cascade of water falls from the Water Sheet onto your shoulders and relaxes your muscles, while your back is being stimulated by two Water Bars. The scenarios are consistent with those of the Horizontal Shower.

Dornbracht Sensory Sky 02 Sensory Sky's extensive rain panel has separate nozzle arrays for the overhead spray, body spray and rain curtain, as well as a cold water mist nozzle and light and fragrance functions. Design: Sieger Design; Copyright: Dornbracht; Photo: Markus Jans
Dornbracht Horizontal Shower 05 The three Horizontal Shower scenarios – Balancing, De-Stressing and Energising – let you choose between a balancing, relaxing or invigorating effect. Your body and your mind feel noticeably revitalised. Design: Sieger Design; Copyright: Dornbracht; Photo: Thomas Popinger