Water as therapy

Water for health: Regular, targeted applications of water have a positive effect on your body and your mind. Sebastian Kneipp was one of the first to recognise that hydrotherapeutic treatments improve wellbeing and he developed the Kneipp Cure that bears his name and which is still highly regarded in many countries of the world. More

In winter, the cold weather takes a lot out of your immune system and much is demanded of your body's natural defences so it is even more important to take preventive action early and boost your physical constitution. But it is not only in winter that the focus is on personal wellbeing; the impact of the health megatrend is now felt all-year-round. A health-conscious lifestyle and the optimisation of physical and mental energy have become important elements of a healthy life.

Even though everyday life leaves less and less time for relaxing breaks, with only the occasional opportunity for recuperation, you can improve your wellbeing with a few simple applications. Your own bathroom becomes your private haven for health and prevention: massages, washing and bathing are all beneficial to the body. Depending on the type of application, they can either be calming, relaxing or stimulating.

Precise, coordinated thermal stimuli - ranging from warm, interchanging warm and cold, to cold - are at the heart of hydrotherapy. Alternate hydro massage and bathing always make the stimuli seem stronger and more intense; they promote blood supply and stimulate the circulation, metabolism and nervous system. But warm or cold applications are also possible, such as a cold shower in the morning and a warm footbath in the evening.