Comfort Shower – the seated shower for deep relaxation

Comfort Shower from Dornbracht offers maximum relaxation, because it lets you shower while sitting down. Thanks to different outlets and flow modes, engaging scenarios are available for the seated shower at the touch of a button. The Comfort Shower is also a particularly user-friendly and convenient way to enjoy hydro-applications such as Kneipp showers, or peeling.
An optional addition to the seated shower is the Leg Shower – a shower for your legs that summons cold or alternating hot and cold bursts of water at the touch of a button.

Pure relaxation sitting down: water taking effect in pre-programmed scenarios

As with the wellness shower Vertical Shower and the massage shower Horizontal Shower, the seated Comfort Shower lets you choose between De-Stressing, Balancing or Energizing scenarios, all easily selected with the user-friendly Dornbracht Smart Tools. By combining different outlets and flow modes, the scenarios develop a balancing, relaxing or invigorating effect, as required. The seated shower helps you to relax deeply, getting you fit and mentally strong enough to face the challenges of everyday life.

Dornbracht Comfort Shower: a comfortable shower while sitting down

Comfort Shower combines a rain shower (BigRain) with the WaterFall with pearl stream. As with a natural waterfall, the water falls gently onto your neck and shoulders, luxuriously enveloping your body. At the same time, a powerful jet of water from each of the two additional outlets (WaterBars) massages your upper and lower back, pleasantly relaxing and loosening. A pouring pipe adds beneficial Kneipp showers to the mix.

Two versions of the seated Comfort Shower are available: polished stainless steel combined with polished chrome and brushed stainless steel combined with platinum matt.

Transforming Water – The Luxury Spa Experience: The spa for your home

Dornbracht developed the Comfort Shower as part of the "Transforming Water" concept. This represents the effect water has on people and turns the element of water into an integral part of a health-conscious lifestyle. Regular water applications help to actively improve the quality of life for the individual, getting them fit and mentally strong enough to cope with everyday life.