Let’s get physical – Ritual Gym

TARA LOGIC: The body machine Claudia Neumann, design critic, on the Mike Meiré ritual architecture concept

Mike Meiré

A special feature of the Dornbracht ritual architecture TARA LOGIC is that it concerns power and energy, power for every day and sport – not in the fitness studio, but in a room which particularly in recent years was reserved for gentle rituals, retreat and peace: the bathroom. Now Dornbracht offers physical fitness in the weights room instead of contemplation in the temple. Statements on the new Dornbracht ritual architecture TARA LOGIC:

The matrix is a modern classic
TARA is slimmer, more vertical, more rational, and the classic helped bring it into being: the layout itself echoes the cross design of the TARA, also the ornamental structure in the floor and complete symmetry in every detail. TARA LOGIC is the matrix on which the new ritual architecture unfolds. This is based on a system of straight, vertical panels. Full emphasis is on the erect vertical – detracting from a laid-back horizontal: the classic is prepared for a different, hectic, complex era. In the TARA LOGIC ritual architecture, the water is powerful, bursting out from a dark panel in the ceiling and gushing down onto the body, for TARA LOGIC is masculine, a masculine bathroom through and through. Not angular, not hard, not macho, at times even soft. But the message is clear: in this world you need to be strong, mentally and physically. Energy is built up in this bathroom – not to withdraw from the world but to face it with renewed strength.

Japanese bathroom culture meets globalisation: quotations, colours, materials
Warm brown predominates – on panels. Grey is also evident, for example on clad wall elements or on the concrete floor. A bright, acid yellow appears in the Facewash zone. This creates fresh shades of orange here and there in the play of light: Asian harmony paired with energetic modernity. The area is dark rather than bright, the light altogether mysterious: nakedness can be celebrated in a protected area. The Japanese invented the calculated interplay between interior and exterior. There is a subtle reflection of it here again: for instance in a tinted glass divider – echoes of Japan in a somewhat technical architecture, subliminally raising awareness of rooms in the room. The materials are partly traditional: smooth concrete, plain metal, transparent glass. Then the unusual: warm felt on the panels, creating a bathroom without reverb. In the Shower zone also a special paint mixed with metal dust, giving a fine sandpaper effect. Materials from a man’s world.

TARA LOGIC is a machine
The pulsating soundtrack sets the scene: Come in. Get ready. Wash. Sit down. Cleanse. Scrub. Immerse. Exercise. The body in a ritual machine, industrial design of a different kind: as an energy path for the body, neatly divided up into small individual steps. Learning from the production line; a ritual that penetrates the consciousness once more. Just as the heart is the central machine for the body, the TARA LOGIC ritual bathroom is an all-round energy machine. Mike Meiré who designed the TARA LOGIC ritual bathroom: “The time for standing still, pausing to think is past, performance is what is needed, achievement and progressiveness.”

TARA LOGIC for an active bathroom
Design provides many with an opportunity to revitalise mind and soul in style. TARA LOGIC offers active refuelling. Dumb bells are scattered around. A punch ball. A mat. A fitness machine, in front of a mirrored wall that can be opened up: pump it up! An entire set of sports equipment is available. Added to this is an appreciation for unpreserved products, for quality. The body care products are so fresh, they have to be kept in the refrigerator: there they stand, the jars and vials looking like a chemist’s shop, to care for face and body. And there are also calculated shocks in the contrast bath: after the body cleansing you immerse yourself first in very hot, then ice-cold water. This bathroom borrowed from Japanese culture is no place to retreat, but an energy tank. And in the background a media projection is in operation, the movement of freely cascading water has been abstracted to create vibrantly coloured digital textures: waves like pacemakers, pulsating soundtrack – the time seems ripe for a calculated nervousness: reach the right speed, be active, fresh.