Bathroom design responding to individual needs

Based on a precise and engaging language describing each design series, Dornbracht uses the term 'Sampling' to describe the approach to individual configuration. The term 'Sampling', borrowed from English, represents a general possibility of individual combinations (of products). Musicians use the term to describe a repurposing of sounds that already exist; in the art world, 'sampling' refers to an art stile that assembles various elements to create a new work.

Dornbracht has been investigating the zoning of the bathroom for many years. The individual activity spaces of 'cleansing', 'showering', 'bathing' and 'foot bath' are specially co-ordinated to respective tasks. The focus is on human rituals and activities. At Dornbracht, we refer to this approach as 'ritual architecture'.
Thanks to unified design across all of its products, Dornbracht allows for a multi-design, multi-series interplay on a modular basis. Products from different series can be combined with one another and used universally: just as an example, the flow spout on the Deque series foot bath, the MEM fitting on the wash stand and the towel rack by Symetrics on the wall is just one possibility among many for shaping the bathroom to suit personal needs. There are no limits to the combinations of function and design that can be achieved.

The same principle applies to the products’ functionality. Alongside conventional, mechanical controls, many applications can also be operated using new, digital controls – the Smart Tools. Water temperature and flow can be precision-controlled with a single flick of the wrist; useful pre-set settings and complex choreographies can be activated at the press of a button. The language of design behind the controls is timelessly discreet as well, whether mechanical or digital, with control dials and display switches in unobtrusive forms to fit seamlessly in an individual bathroom design.
Dornbracht offers variations for every style of finishes, too: depending on the series, available finishes can include chrome, platinum, platinum matte, black matte or champagne.