High-quality boards for the kitchen.

These precision-made oak boards are the perfect addition to the individual WATER UNITS. The large Cutting Boards have been carefully designed to match the dimensions of the Water Units with absolute precision. The boards are available in two sizes - one to place in the sink and a larger one to place over the top of it. Placing the board in or over the sink means it can be used as a worktop, and the proximity to the water point adds to the ergonomics of the work sequence.

Coloured pins slot into the sides of the Cutting Boards to identify them for individual purposes – red for meat, green for vegetables, blue for fish, yellow for poultry and black for universal boards, to match the colour codes from the food industry.

The inserted version fits the sink perfectly and is available in one or two parts – as a cutting and/or carving board. Cutting Boards are available in oak or in black synthetic material options.

Water Zones