Individual water applications

Experience the health-promoting, relaxing or invigorating effect of water applications in your own bathroom, whenever you want.

Individually coordinated shower and wellness modules make it easy and safe to enjoy treatments such as water massages, Kneipp affusions or hot/cold showers in the comfort of your home. Dornbracht offers a wide range of design fittings for wellness showers as well as special accessories that can be combined and arranged to meet your specific needs. 

Treatment recommendations

Upgrading your bathroom to a private spa is easy with Dornbracht WATER MODULES. They can be flexibly integrated into any shower solution to augment your daily spa and shower ritual: to promote individual well-being, energy levels and health. We recommend targeted water applications (treatments) for each WATER MODULE that can be integrated into your daily routine as needed.

Contrast shower

Health benefits: Vitalizes and strengthens the immune system

Time of day: Ideal as the conclusion to your daily shower ritual – for a fresh start to the day

Application: Begin the application with a warm sequence of approximately one minute. Then turn the water on a cool to cold temperature for approximately 10 seconds. Alternate the warm/cold flows one more time, ending with the cold sequence.

Tip: Hot/cold showers have many positive benefits. They stabilize the circulatory system, have a balancing effect on both high and low blood pressure and calm feelings of nervousness and stress. Regular treatments strengthen the immune system, which can help to prevent infections. They are also ideal training for the cutaneous vessels, helping to firm up the skin.

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Cold shower

Health benefits: Instant refreshment for body and soul Enhanced regeneration after exercising

Time of day: Ideal as the conclusion to your daily shower ritual, especially in summer

Application: Set your shower on a cool to cold temperature and enjoy the refreshment – a few seconds are enough to benefit from the positive effects.

Note: Adapt your body to the temperature change slowly. Perform the treatment with lukewarm or cool water at first, then gradually start reducing the temperature.

Tip: The cold shower refreshes the body in just a few seconds, stimulates the blood flow, circulatory system and metabolism. In the long term, the application strengthens the body’s immune system and overall physique. 

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Relaxation shower

Health benefits: Deep relaxation for body, spirit and mind Beneficial break from everyday life

Time of day: Ideal for beginning your daily shower ritual – in the morning or evening

Application: Set your shower to a pleasantly warm temperature. Relax you arms, letting them fall next to your body. Close your eyes and feel the full, warm drops intensively with all your senses. Feel the water, and not just on your face. Consciously turn your palms upward and watch how the water collects in them. If you would like, increase the water temperature and volume when showering.

Tip: Use your daily shower not just for cleansing but also as a moment of relaxation in which you are completely alone.

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Dornbracht has developed a range of water applications based on established health and wellness science. Discover the positive power of water.


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