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The interplay of water and light – the sculptural experience shower AQUAHALO

An innovative, and so far, unique design solution for the bathroom and spa: AQUAHALO makes the shower the focus of your architecture. The ring-shaped water sculpture sets new standards in water presentation. Product design: Michael Neumayr

  • Characteristic

    AQUAHALO impresses with its unique, sculptural, ring-shaped design, and makes a statement in any architecture.

Calming Cocoon

Derived from the ring-shaped design of the new shower sculpture, the architecture for AQUAHALO is based on a circular plan that engages the senses in a variety of ways, making it a unique safe haven.

Inspired by traditional sauna architectures, the totally wood-panelled space feels reassuringly natural.


An atmosphere of relaxation and renewal - The comforting smell of wood assists regeneration and well-being.


Modern design combines with innovation to provide a luxurious spa experience in your home bathroom. A window opening on the ceiling ensures constant air circulation, which contributes to the pleasant indoor climate.


The VAIA washstand fitting in a Champagne finish lends the space an elegant, perfect atmosphere.


At the beauty station for self-care rituals and treatments, the relaxing character of the space is an open invitation to linger. Diligent care and an elegant look merge into a harmonious ritual in the atmospheric ambience.


The river rocks embedded in the floor of the shower intensify the pleasant pattering of the water, and ensure meditative and invigorating moments of bliss.

Inspiration from the AQUAHALO product world

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Follow Your Bliss – Beneficial water moments for body and mind

AQUAHALO has three flow modes that are combined to make beneficial, relaxing, or invigorating water experiences. The AQUAHALO flow modes are based on the unique Dornbracht raindrop. Modelled on natural rainfall, it is exceptionally soft and full-bodied, and is not under pressure as it lands on your body.


AQUACIRCLE RAIN covers your body with gentle jets of water. With larger quantities of water, the jet is concentrated, and creates an energising effect. With less water, your mind stays clear and the water falls relaxingly and evenly onto your shoulders, like a curtain of rain – in a meditative and strengthening moment of bliss.



The TEMPEST RAIN flow mode is like having a natural experience of a wild thunderstorm that invigorates, refreshes, and creates clarity. The flow mode does not follow logic, it follows the nature of water, with the feeling of full-bodied droplets on the skin sharpening the senses.



The newly evolved flow mode DIAMOND RAIN is the unique feature of AQUAHALO. DIAMOND RAIN combines gentle lighting and crystal-clear water into a refreshing experience for the body and mind. The dense and powerful jet flowing from the spot for light and water cleanses and invigorates. DIAMOND RAIN is ideal for focusing on refreshment, and for washing your hair.


AQUAHALO – Perfectly matched

Combine a suitable xTOOL control element for activating your shower.

AQUAHALO offers a variety of options for individual bathroom design

Thanks to five, curated surface finish variants
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The sculptural experience shower AQUAHALO

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