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Flush-mounted thermostat by Dornbracht redefines the current technological cutting edge Extremely fast regulation behavior even at low flow rates – high levels of heat and sound insulation

Iserlohn IMO (In My Opinion) is a new fittings series presented by Dornbracht, which is the first series that integrates the currently predominant languages of forms with remarkably powerful design. The round body is combined with a rectangular lever or outlet to create a hybrid-shaped appearance, which immediately transforms conventional points of view into surprisingly different perspectives. This is especially due to the fact that Dornbracht has also positioned the "technology in the wall" with a new matching, and equally sophisticated, flush-mounted thermostat. The fast regulating behavior, the exceptional noise insulation and the simple installation will serve to define the current technological cutting edge for this class of fittings.

The specific objective of the redesigned flush-mounted thermostats consists of the consistent implementation of the quality and design standard of Dornbracht fittings, even at the functional level of water installation technology. This includes the installation depth at only 80 mm, the sealing system with its Kerdi protective collar and the three outlets; all of which have been designed for the intersection-free connection of handheld showerheads and head sprinklers. The color-coded connections for hot and cold water have been designed with a center distance of 60 mm to allow for simple insulation of the supply lines according to the EnEV 2009 energy saving regulations (20 mm on all sides).

Another aspect that is not yet a matter of course is the use of a special copper-zinc alloy for the flush-mounted body. The material is not only dezincification-resistant and unsusceptible to stress fractures, but also free of lead and has the firmness property of stainless steel. The flush-mounted body also meets the exceptionally high Californian standards for materials in contact with drinking water, which extend far beyond the requirements of the current German drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV 2011).

Responsibility for the resource water
These "inner and installation technology values" are also reflected in the flush-mounted thermostat's warm water provision. An innovative thermostat cartridge is used to ensure regulation precision and fast regulation behavior even at very low flow rates. The flush-mounted thermostat is also ideal for reduced-flow spray heads, which provide showering satisfaction with as little as 6 l/min.

Dornbracht thus underscores its self-imposed company policy of responsible use of the resource water, which is also expressed by its participation in the VDMA 's "Blue Responsibility" initiative: "As an international market leader for high-quality design fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens, Dornbracht has reduced the average water use of all fittings sold by a total of almost 30 percent. Regardless of consumer behavior, the energy and water consumption is thus minimized without sacrificing the premium quality of the product and water experience."

Insulating "Neopor" housing
The special heat and sound insulation of the fitting corresponds to the functional premium standard of the flush-mounted thermostats. As opposed to market-standard housing insulation, the flush-mounted thermostat is fitted with customized non-inflammable "Neopor" housing following sound-decoupled installation. This, along with the use of new noise-optimized functional elements, contributes to the fact that the noise produced is far below the limit value of 20 dB stipulated by DIN 4109 for fittings group I.

The noise protection aspect is particularly decisive for planners and installers when designing bathrooms in especially high-quality properties and especially in houses which are home to several parties. As soon as the residential spaces are marketed using the "comfort" attribute, increased noise protection is required especially when it comes to the sound of flowing water.

Variable installation
A variably adjustable depth compensation of up to 56 mm ensures that the entire installation, including the flush-mounted thermostat and the operating panel, harmoniously blends with the ambience of the bathroom regardless of the wall structure. In combination with the surface-mounted operating panel, a short and consistent projection of the operating elements from the wall is achieved. The compact design pays off here once again: the beautiful cover plate for the IMO series is unobtrusively small, measuring just 90 x 150 mm.

The new flush-mounted thermostat by Dornbracht is available starting immediately and can be used in combination with all one-hand and two-hand mixers of the Gentle, IMO, Meta.02, TARA.LOGIC and Tara series.

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01_Thermostat With its compact design and body made of a lead-free copper-zinc alloy, the new flush-mounted thermostat highlights Dornbracht's premium standard as reflected by the "in the wall" installation technology.

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02_Thermostat The newly designed connection between the cover plate and the flush-mounted body, with depth compensation of up to 56 mm, provides all control elements with the same projection.This is an optical detail that counts especially when it comes to more sophisticated bathroom designs.

Photos: Dornbracht
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