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Dornbracht product study: Electronic fitting for the kitchen

Iserlohn / Frankfurt At ISH (15 - 19 March 2011), the international trade fair in Frankfurt, manufacturer Dornbracht will be presenting a new electronic fitting designed for wet working areas of the kitchen. The prototype's central component is an electronic control panel similar to the Dornbracht eTool for the shower. The user-friendly and intuitive control device makes it possible to regulate the fittings and to activate pre-set water programmes. Water can also be controlled by a foot sensor. An overarching examination of the fields of architecture, product design, technology, water and especially people has shaped Dornbracht's relationship to the bath over the past two decades. It has inspired innovations that placed the  company in a pioneering role in the industry. Exceptional examples include the electronically regulated RainSky E shower module and Ambiance Tuning Technique (ATT) featuring the electronic eTool control panel for the shower that was presented last spring.

Human beings – and their actions – are always at the heart of all of Dornbracht's considerations:
In order to translate positive experiences and technical innovations from the bath to the kitchen, Dornbracht partnered with Sieger Design to analyse the processes and actions that take place in the wet work area of the kitchen. The main question considered was what is the benefit provided by electronically controlled fittings in the kitchen? How could standardised work flows be supported to allow more time for creativity in cooking, serving meals and talking with guests?

Product study offers fully automatic programmes for the wet work area:
The results of the analysis contributed to the development of a product that electronically controls water volume and temperature as well as the washing up liquid dispenser via a central, user-friendly and intuitive control device. The system also offers the option of activating programmes that fill a basin to rinse lettuce or wash up for example at the push of a  button. The corresponding water volume, temperature and amount of washing up liquid are dispensed automatically. An aura of light surrounding the buttons intuitively signal what the user's current settings are.

In addition to the control panel, water can also be activated and stopped with a foot sensor. A corresponding light sensor installed in the baseboard under the cabinet shines on the floor as a discrete beam of light, making it possible to start and stop the flow of water hands-free. The idea originated from a commercial kitchen and Dornbracht has applied it to the home.

Further information and a video explaining the principal of the pilot study and the was it works, as well as a feedback area, are available on the web at

About Dornbracht
Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Iserlohn, is a globally active manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. The company regularly receives international design awards for its product designs and is also distinguished by its long-term commitment to cultural endeavours since 1996. Since 2006, the bathroom and kitchen edition of the "Dornbracht - the SPIRIT of WATER" publication has been regularly released, a publication which documents Dornbracht's vision as a company with cultural relevance and reflects the broad spectrum of the Dornbracht brand. Between being a magazine and a catalogue, the publication succeeds in combining the inspiration, dialogue and innovation that distinguishes thought and work at Dornbracht.
01_Productstudy TURN WATER ON/OFF: the electronic control panel regulates water flow at the press of a button. The light comes on when
water is running.
Product design: Sieger Design
Photos: Stills CHBP
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