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Health – the market of the future: leading spas in Europe rely on water applications from Dornbracht

ISERLOHN Health and wellness are two of the largest trends in society today – and will become more important in the future. As our daily challenges continue to grow, our focus moves to the preservation of physical and psychological well-being. More people are creating small experiences of regeneration in their everyday life, whether it's enjoying a spa day or a quick relaxing treatment in-between business meetings. Health and wellness centers are experiencing a true boom, and hotels are responding to the trend by expanding their spas with appropriate applications. Numerous exclusive resorts rely on product solutions from Dornbracht: the premium manufacturer enriches renowned spas throughout Europe with unique water experiences and soothing treatments for mind, body, and soul. The megatrend of health and wellness has long been the reasoning for developing new products and system solutions at Dornbracht. For years, the manufacturer has researched individual needs and personal rituals in bath and spa. The knowledge gained is used to create innovative ways of dispensing water. With intelligently-controlled water applications, Dornbracht has succeeded in generating special added value for health and well-being: individual scenarios either relax or invigorate the senses, restore inner balance, or provide new energy. This is made possible by, for example, Sensory Sky, Vertical Shower, Horizontal Shower, and Foot Bath – applications that are centered around Dornbracht’s Ambiance Tuning Technique and which are featured in a variety of spa and health hotspots across Europe.

Among them are renowned health centers such as Lans Medicum in Hamburg and the recently opened Lanserhof on Tegernsee Lake. Well-known hotels, like the Four Seasons, and small, exclusive boutique hotels and spas, also rely on Dornbracht – in Zurich, London, Paris, Istanbul, Milan, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Copenhagen. They are united by the promise of outstanding quality, perfection, and a unique experience of water.

Health and well-being as a result of exquisite water experiences

With the Sensory Sky shower experience, Dornbracht offers a sensual combination of rain, mist, light, and fragrance. Inspired by weather phenomena and moods in nature, the shower application’s scenarios have a cleansing and liberating effect like an intense summer rain.

In the Vertical Shower, different types of water jets and outlet points are combined into soothing choreographies. The water hits your body with large, sparkling drops or stimulates your shoulders and back with a strong surge.

Horizontal Shower provides a unique and relaxing water massage while lying down. Six Water Bars create different scenarios while your body is gently warmed by the heated horizontal area.

Foot Bath provides a pleasant reflexology stimulation. The scenario-capable unit can massage the soles of your feet, warm, or refresh you with specific temperature changes and dispenses individual Kneipp showers that enhance physical well-being. The effect is not limited to the feet, but is felt throughout the whole body.

These applications are controlled using Smart Tools – digital control elements that regulate the temperature and amount of water at the touch of a button. The intelligent systems have useful pre-settings and features that generate added value, increasing comfort and quality of life – whether in a spa or in your own home.

*Sensory Sky and Foot Bath are not currently available in North America

01_Dornbracht_Spas_Europe_Kokkedal Slot Kokkedal Castle in Copenhagen hosts a luxurious hotel. The spa, which opened in 2014, allows guests to enjoy customized treatments. Photo: Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen
02_Dornbracht_Spas_Europe_Kokkedal Slot With Dornbracht’s Sensory Sky, the exclusive Kokkedal Slot Spa offers an exquisite water experience: individual scenarios of rain, mist, light, and fragrance use the transformative power of water to touch all the senses. Photo: Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen
03_Dornbracht_Spas_Europe_Skodsborg Nordic tradition merges with modern architecture in the Skodsborg Hotel & Spa in Copenhagen. Surrounded by a stunning natural landscape on Øresund strait, the exclusive property attracts guests from all over the world. Photo: Kurhotel Skodsborg
04_Dornbracht_Spas_Europe_Skodsborg Twelve hot or cold spa baths and pools promise a special wellness experience. All areas of the Skodsborg Spa & Fitness Center are equipped with Dornbracht fittings. The spa also has the Vertical Shower. Photo: Dornbracht
05_Dornbracht_Vertical_Shower Vertical Shower is one of the highlights of the Skodsborg Spa: the Dornbracht shower application has three choreographies for individual needs: Balancing, Energizing, and De-Stressing. Photo: Dornbracht

06_Dornbracht_Spas_Europe_The_Thief_Spa Pure relaxation over 8,600 square feet: The Thief Spa in Oslo opened in March 2014 and offers the best of different bathing cultures around the world. The exclusive spa features Dornbracht's Sensory Sky. Photo: The Thief Spa
07_Dornbracht_Sensory Sky Individual water choreographies, fascinating light scenarios, and soothing fragrances are combined in Sensory Sky - now at the Thief Spa in Oslo. Photo: Dornbracht
08_Dornbracht_Spas_Europe_The_Thief_Spa A luxurious yet intimate atmosphere differentiates the Thief Spa from others. You can leave stress behind in the spacious pool and different saunas. Photo: The Thief Spa
09_Dornbracht_Horizontal Shower Experience Dornbracht’s Horizontal Shower in Europe’s premium spas: a unique shower experience while lying down. Photo: Dornbracht
10_Dornbracht_Spas_Europe_Lanserhof The new Lanserhof on Tegernsee Lake is one of the leading healthcare centers in Europe, known for its innovative “vital medicine”. With its soothing effect on body and mind, Sensory Sky supplements the prevention-oriented offerings of the renowned resort. Photo: Lanserhof Tegernsee/Egbert Krupp
11_Dornbracht_Foot Bath Foot Bath combines various types of water jets, comfort functions, and pre-programmed scenarios, whose pleasant effects remain noticeable long after use. The extendable affusion pipe makes individualized Kneipp applications possible. Photo: Dornbracht