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Das-kein-Henne-Ei-Problem - a wall painting.

Irrespective of chronology Tobias Rehberger placed 40 three-dimensional pieces from 15 years of artistic creation next to each other. Illuminated by spotlights, the pieces projected shadow images onto the opposite wall. The old work appeared in a new light while a new work arose: a wall painting (made of light and shadow). The wall painting would be unthinkable without its sculptures. Just as the egg is impossible without the chicken. But is the three-dimensional thinkable without the two-dimensional? So, what was there first? Just like the chicken and the egg, Rehberger's sculptural work and its shadow stood opposite each other. The exhibition, an acquisition from the Stedelijk Museum CS in Amsterdam, was displayed with the support of Dornbracht Culture Projects at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne in 2008.