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SERENITY SKY - Daily well-being with effective water experiences

With the new SERENITY SKY, you bring effective water experiences into your bathroom or spa. Beneficial treatments such as Kneipp or Aquapressure thus become a natural part of
your daily wellbeing routine. This spa application, created by Sieger Design, transforms your daily shower into a regenerative ritual for body and mind. Available in two versions, the base variant of SERENITY SKY has two effective flow modes, while the enhanced variant SERENITY SKY+ boasts five unique flow modes.

  • Minimalist

    Plenty of impact in a limited space. Perfectly attuned to the human body, SERENITY SKY combines space-saving design with maximum impact.

Biophilic Energy

The interior blends directly into the open architecture of SERENITY SKY, the rectangular plan of which corresponds to the shape of the rain panel.

Suffused in natural light and lavishly planted, the architecture of SERENITY SKY brings nature into the bathroom.


With plants in conjunction with water, and a minimalist combination of concrete and marble, the space encourages regeneration, reduces stress, and imparts new energy.


Luxury and nature merge into an inspiring ambience - situated in an environment of refinement and naturalness beyond compare, for activating workouts and relaxation.


SERENITY SKY, or for applications with the affusion pipe, the KNEIPP SHOWER, offer relaxation through water treatments.


Thanks to SERENITY SKY’s lighting option, varying moods can be created to exert a positive influence on wellbeing.


From bathroom to energy spa. With its elegant design and effective flow modes, SERENITY SKY turns your bathroom into a place where you can relax and summon up new energy, at any time.


Elements in the space that are transformed by the light can assist physical and mental activation or relaxation.

Inspiration from the SERENITY SKY product world

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Follow Your Bliss – Exceptional water experiences for your well-being

The minimalist rain panel offers you up to five effective flow modes for beneficial treatments such as Kneipp, or Aquapressure.


PURIFY RAIN cleanses and energises with a powerful and intense jet.



The gentle and extensive rainfall of FULL RAIN has a meditative effect. Your mind stays clear, while your body enjoys being enveloped.



AQUAPRESSURE FLOW is an effective flow mode that releases tension and can encourage regeneration after exercise. Its solid and powerful jet can be specifically used to massage your shoulders and neck area, and assist with stress relief.



LAMINAR FLOW is a concentrated and powerful jet of water that coats the skin gently and evenly. The warmth it offers is far-reaching with a relaxing effect, but it can also be used for cool Kneipp affusions, to boost the metabolism and strengthen the cardiovascular system.



The activating flow mode COOL MIST is a particularly pleasant way to cool off and feel refreshed. A light and cooling mist moistens the skin, revitalising the body and mind. Thanks to its finely atomised, floating water particles, this flow mode feels exceptionally soft, gently encasing the entire body.

Create Your Individual Experience

Discover the individually combinable flow modes and principles of SERENITY SKY and SERENITY SKY+, and keep recreating your perfect shower experience. See how the varying colours of light optionally available for SERENITY SKY and SERENITY SKY+ can enhance your shower ritual. You can choose what is good for you at any time – from stimulating red to balancing green.

SERENITY SKY offers a variety of designs

Thanks to seven curated surface finish variants

Spa principles

Dornbracht has developed a range of water applications based on established health and wellness science. Discover the positive power of water.


SERENITY SKY. Effective water experiences. Beneficial treatments.

Discover the spa innovation and experience the new dimension of showering.

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