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From Past to Present
Premium design tub faucet transitional

Between traditional elegance and contemporary cool

In interior design, the Transitional Style describes a mix of traditional and contemporary elements: a healthy balance of established and new that looks inviting, and in which you can quickly feel at home. Dornbracht invited the architect Rafael de Cárdenas to interpret the Transitional Style in his own way – to provide an innovative insight into the interior trend.

Rafael de Cárdenas‘ Interpretation vom Transitional Style

The Transitional Style is notable for its experimental use of materials, textures, shapes and colours.
Rafael de Cardenas_13

Cárdenas approached the theme in mood boards, sketches, material collages and bathroom architecture designs.

Rafael de Cardenas_09

The appeal of Rafael de Cárdenas' interpretation of the Transitional Style mostly comes from its unusual spatial form. Chapel-like alcoves emerge from the soft, curving S-shape of the layout and give the structure an almost sacred feel.

Rafael de Cardenas_14

This leitmotif is logically continued in the door arches connecting the different zones.

Rafael de Cardenas_17

Traditional elegance and new ideas mingle extravagantly in de Cárdenas' architectural concept.

Rafael de Cardenas_16

The transparent dome literally keeps the architecture open to the recurring cycle of day and night and produces a constantly changing pattern of light.

Contrast of textures

Rafael de Cárdenas' ideas and inspirations formed the basis for this bathroom architecture for VAIA in Brushed Dark Platinum. Situated in round alcoves, VAIA is orchestrated on a monolithic-looking washstand made from cubes of different materials. The brick structures form a dramatic background to the fitting’s Brushed Dark Platinum finish, a dark, silk matte colour with light brush strokes.

Premium design washbasin faucet transitional
VAIA Collage_01_V2_14

From past to present

Brick and Corian, smoked glass and moss, bog oak, marble and Brushed Dark Platinum, cognac-coloured leather and purple carpeted floors: here traces of wear meet new gloss, curved arches meet monoliths rich in edges, nature meets architecture. The bathroom as a progressive area of tension between tradition and modernity. Thus the fluid boundaries of Transitional Style are impressively in motion.

VAIA Collage_03_V1_13

Ton sur ton

The “Ton sur Ton” collage describes an elegant, neutral world with a subtle colour palette and finely combined material textures. Marble, with its brownish tint and large grain, reflects classic elements, while concrete and Brushed Dark Platinum bridge the gap to modernity.

Between Tradition and Modernity

VAIA is a fitting with a strong personality. Despite this – or for exactly this reason – the design merges smoothly into the range of contemporary furnishing styles.
Premium design washbasin faucet transitional

Elegant and mysterious: VAIA in Brushed Dark Platinum with a dark under-mounted basin, tone-on-tone with the washstand.

Premium design washbasin faucet transitional

VAIA is as delicate as it is forward-looking. This series of fittings embodies a soft, balanced design language and an attitudewhich is always open to what is new. An elegant, progressive design for a new iconography of the modern age.

Premium design rain shower transitional

The rain shower from the VAIA series in Brushed Dark Platinum fits harmoniously into the brick architecture.

Natural, organic shapes and functional, clear-cut lines

The round bathtub and the free-standing bath mixer in Brushed Dark Platinum fit perfectly into the architecture.

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