The new definition of showering.

Dornbracht has created an entirely new showering experience with the AMBIANCE TUNING TECHNIQUE. A symbiosis of the experience of water, aesthetic architecture, minimalist design, ease of use and innovative control technology that totally redefines showering. The choreographical capability of the new technology allows the water to be controlled and its action harnessed for the creation of unique choreographies.

These pre-programmed choreographies combine temperatures and volumes of water at the different outlet points and enhance your individual bathroom rituals. The outlet points can be combined in various ways within the system architecture. There is a central control element for operation.

Product design: Sieger Design

The outlet points can be combined freely within the system architecture, allowing the shower application to be planned and configured to suit the particular individual. The modular system structure (the 60x60 grid familiar from SYMETRICS) also helps maintain a high level of individuality, at the same time ensuring a coherent overall image. Mounting is simple and precise with the tried-and-tested xGRID installation track. The central components of eVALVE, eTOOL and eSWITCH lay the foundations for the AMBIANCE TUNING TECHNIQUE choreographical capability.

BALANCING, ENERGIZING and DE-STRESSING are the three choreographies that work on the three human dimensions of body, mind and soul. Each of the choreographies handles the power and spirit of water through the different outlet points with such individuality that each user has control of the choreographies to influence moods and emotions. If used regularly, the choreographies become a personal ritual, imparting a new quality to the showering experience.