CYO Architecture Metropolitan Bathroom

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Above the rooftops of the world:

The bathroom becomes your personal retreat, a safe haven where you can summon up new energy for body and mind.  A mental and physical power source, making up for the bustling outside world. CYO. Coming home. 

„The world’s metropolises set the tempo. They boost progress and inspire – the dynamics that determine everyday life. Activation, relaxation and regeneration are all equally possible in the bathroom at the meeting point between gym and private spa.“
The Metropolitan Bathroom
Premium design washbasin faucet extravagant

The characteristic circular shape combines the different zones of the Metropolitan bathroom. The result is a harmonious overall picture of all bathroom applications.

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The bathroom becomes a living space. Thanks to an architecture that adds new and intelligent functions to what we already know. The bath becomes a reclining area with a special outlook.

Premium design rain shower extravagant

Whether energizing, revitalizing or protecting. The shower area with a horizontal shower and a rain shower application defines a space for individual needs. A mental and physical power source.

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Elegant, green marbled granite evokes associations with nature and regeneration. Brass, a material with a special radiance, combined with concrete and white marble, lends the bathroom an air of exclusivity.


The bathroom as a living space.

The bathroom architectures “The Metropolitan” and “The Oasis” each interpret CYO in their own unique way. Created by Creative Director Mike Meiré.

Premium design washbasin faucet extravagant

The desire for something authentic, genuine and natural is reflected in the use of materials, the touch and the feel of the bathrooms.

  • Full of Character

    A semi-transparent curtain of textured yarn that seems to flow, acts as an independent element of the architecture. A presence full of character.

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A commanding statement in both progressive and classic bathrooms. CYO combines origin and future in the here and now. You think you know the design language, yet the effect is unseen and forward looking.

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