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Inspired by the “Transitional Style” interior design trend, the distinctive design of the VAIA premium designer fitting is both elegant and progressive. The material collages and architecture developed in collaboration with Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu from Neri&Hu act as application-oriented inspiration for Transitional Style bathrooms – and also for taking the trend further. 

Transitional Style

Transitional Style is notable for its experimental use of materials, textures, forms and colors.

Neri & Hu understand the idea of Transitional Style in terms of architecture: the bathroom as a room in which to linger a while, a room for regeneration, a source of energy and a place of transition.


“The courtyard house is a house that is focused inward: There are no outside walls or windows, all light comes in from the opening at the top.”


The washstand as a central, communicative meeting place. This gives rise to some important resonances for bathroom architecture.


Water is for more than just physical cleansing to Neri & Hu, it represents emotional healing as well.


The courtyard house is a location for treasuring water as an essential element of life.

Rafael de Cardenas_14

Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are the founders of an interdisciplinary architectural office with headquarters in Shanghai, China and a branch office in London.

Rafael de Cardenas_15

Rafael de Cárdenas’ interpretation of Transitional Style is distinguished, in particular, through the unusual shape of the room. Chapel-like niches with an almost sacred momentum are created from the gentle, curved S-shape of the floor plan.

Rafael de Cardenas_17

The arches connecting the different zones strongly express this theme.

Rafael de Cardenas_16

The transparent dome which admits natural light, literally keeps the architecture open to the recurring rhythm of day and night.

Rafael de Cardenas_17

Traditional elegance and new concepts are blended in extravagant design.

Marble, Brass and Brushed Platinum in front of a wall of raw concrete

The choice of materials shows how the existing can be progressively enhanced by combination with the new.

The raw structure of the concrete highlights the natural grain of the wood and the finely polished Brushed Platinum of the deck-mounted bath fitting.

Between mind and matter: depending on the respective mood lighting, the different materials radiate a contemplative, almost mystical warmth.

Healing Effects

Marble and concrete, brass and wood, natural light and platinum matt. The traditional Asian influences are as apparent here as thedrive to create something new. A progressive and yet healing balance. The idea of Transitional Style leads to a meditation on space, texture and (bathroom) culture in the 21st century.

VAIA_Platinum matt_02
VAIA_Platinum matt_05
VAIA_Platinum matt_07


"Multitude” is a fresh, curious look at Transitional Style: various white textures (matt/glossy), Brushed Platinum in combination with blue and green tones. Here, soft velvet and mosaic tiles embody the more classic element, with the fresh colours and matt white surfaces providing the contemporary counterpart.


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