TARA Bathroom architecture

The timeless classic TARA celebrates its 30th anniversary

For three decades, TARA has graced bathrooms in a wide variety of stylistic contexts. A versatile classic, this Dornbracht bathroom fitting has consistently proven its timeless modernism. On the occasion of its 30th birthday, Dornbracht presents TARA in a contemporary as well as future-oriented, architectural setting. The new TARA bathroom is a place of clarity and tranquility - a place we linger because it replenishes and strengthens us. Through consistent minimalism, the new TARA architecture from Dornbracht directs your focus to the here and now, bringing the luxury of the moment closer.

Less is more

With its distinct minimalist design and reduced number of fittings and furnishings, the bathroom satisfies the need for tranquility, clarity and relaxation - proving that less is more.

A washbasin and a rain shower constitute the essentials in the new TARA bathroom, and are complemented by a sitting area and a spacious bathtub. The bathroom fitting and a free-standing washbasin fitting from the TARA series in Dark Chrome add a touch of distinction.

30 Years TARA - The Story

TARA combines basic geometric shapes and timeless modernity: it looks as if it has always been there - or has just been invented. She has long since become a charismatic personality, an archetype often copied but never achieved.

"When we think about why TARA became an icon, we come to the theme of the archetype - a pure form - believed to embody fundamental characteristics." - Christian and Michael Sieger

Premium design rain shower timeless
Premium design washbasin faucet timeless

In the new TARA bathroom, Dornbracht presents this classic bathroom fitting in a new finish: Dark Chrome.

Similar to the design of TARA, the architecture celebrates the beauty of simplicity: stylish, yet understated representing clarity and minimalism. The essential design elements of the fitting – the circle and the cross as basic geometric shapes – are also evident in the bathroom architecture, creating a clear sense of space.

Premium innovation washbasin faucet elegant

#MaterialsMatter: Bathroom inspiration with Dornbracht TARA

The materials are critical in this minimalist setting. Finishes with a special structure and feel create exciting tactile moments in the bathroom.

Premium design tub faucet timeless

In this bathroom, less is more: the architecture and design of the bathroom is based on the clear design language of the TARA bathroom and washbasin fittings.

Premium design tub faucet timeless

Understated luxury that reveals itself in the details: the materials in the TARA bathroom feature tactile structures and finishes with exceptional haptics. Bright lime plaster creates an extraordinary light that contributes to the soothing atmosphere of the bathroom. The material concept is complemented by, among other things, a bathroom and a washbasin fitting in the new Dark Chrome finish.

Premium design rain shower timeless

Minimalist bathroom inspiration with TARA by Dornbracht, the essentials include: a rain shower, washbasin and bathtub. The architecture offers space for your own bathroom ideas, and can be adapted to your individual needs.

Premium design tub faucet timeless

The spacious bathtub is not the only design highlight in the room, as the freestanding TARA bathroom fitting in Dark Chrome makes a statement of its own.

Premium design washbasin faucet timeless

The versatility of TARA allows for a variety of washbasin design options.

Premium design washbasin faucet timeless

As a freestanding washbasin fitting in the Dark Chrome finish, it emphasizes quiet luxury in this designer bathroom.

Premium design washbasin faucet timeless

Another version that demonstrates the versatility of TARA: a three-hole faucet with classic cross handles the aesthetic is timeless – also at a freestanding washbasin.

Premium design washbasin faucet timeless

Plan your own custom bathroom design: TARA as a washbasin single-hole faucet with cross handles at a double washbasin.

Premium design washbasin faucet timeless

Always a long-lasting design choice: TARA washbasin faucet with cross handles for wall installation.


The new finish Dark Chrome is the ideal complement to the TARA bathroom.

It brings an element of mystery into the bathroom while emphasizing the modern, minimalist design of the fitting.

Bright lime plaster is used extensively and gives the room its character: its matte surface provides a warm ambience and exhibits a different effect depending on how the light falls on it – giving the material a particularly lively look and feel. Grooved flooring and washbasins not only provide visual accents, but they also activate the senses. Combined with wood, glass and terracotta textile accents, the material radiates warmth and naturality. It combines the high-gloss finish of classic chrome with a warm, mystical hue.

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