MEM Kitchen architecture

MEM _Brushed_Platinum_01

Urban Greenery​

A kitchen for all those who love nature just as much as they love their city: a touch of greenery in their own home. Lush plants, earthy tones and minimalist forms lend this kitchen a special atmosphere. The room seems to breathe and opens itself up to the pervading light. The chosen materials, such as cork, ceramics and light-coloured luxury woods, complement each other to form a harmonious ensemble. ​


Water flows from MEM’s flat, wide spout as if from a natural spring.​ An integrated perlator ensures a gentle, airy flow. The necessary technology is completely hidden from view. Only the outlet from which the water emerges is visible. Its uninterrupted lines epitomise continual flow.

MEM _Brushed_Platinum_01

In addition to the puristic, reduced design and exceptional water presentation, MEM also has options to improve functionality in the kitchen, such as when the series is combined with a rinsing spray at the side.

MEM _Brushed_Platinum_04

Furnishings and decorative objects are lovingly and deliberately chosen to last for many years. Such surroundings are the natural habitat for MEM in Brushed Platinum: Its clear, elementary form and matte finish radiates warmth and originality.

MEM _Brushed_Platinum_04

The MEM Bar Tap has other ways to individualise the water point. The simplest solution for a refreshing glass of water. ​

Nature takes her place in the kitchen, in combination with natural materials and a variety of fresh foods and herbs.

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