Lissé - created by a hybrid design language

A fitting that is a "genuine Dornbracht"

Dornbracht's new Lissé series is a premium designer fitting that is geared to a quality-conscious as well as budget-conscious target group. Lissé has an aesthetic quality that sets the tone in the bathroom – an open invitation to simply and easily enhance the interior design and treat yourself to something special: a "genuine Dornbracht".

The Lissé design

The appealing design language of Lissé is full of exciting contrasts: basic, clear-cut, geometric shapes and precise radii encounter curving contours, and generous surfaces meet narrow edges. The lever of the fitting tilts upward and tapers, contrasting playfully with its basic, rigidly cylindrical body and flat spout. The black cover below the lever combines with the polished chrome finish to set a different emphasis. 

The designer fitting that is extremely easy to use

The special operating mechanism that underlines the ornamental design language of Lissé has a smooth, flowing lever movement that makes it extremely easy to use. This is also reflected in the name of the designer fitting. The name Lissé (from the French "lissé" for "smoothed") firstly refers to the "smooth" operation of the lever and secondly, captures the L-shape of the body of the fitting. The "acute accent" (´) on the é invokes the characteristic, upward tilt of the lever design.


Lissé – the product range

The Lissé series of fittings is available in polished chrome and platinum matt versions and includes around 25 products for basin, bidet, shower and bath applications. The single-lever mixer for the basin has an unusual and distinctive feature - it is available in a special, water-saving variant as an option. 21 fine, individual jets reduce the standard flow rate from 5.3 litres to 3.8 litres per minute.

The new Lissé - a "genuine Dornbracht" 

Lissé is an addition to the Dornbracht portfolio in the entry-level segment and at the same time, has all the advantages of a "genuine Dornbracht": Like all Dornbracht fittings, Lissé typifies perfect workmanship and quality "Made in Germany". Its design language is based on the five design principles that characterise the entire Dornbracht product portfolio:

  • proportion,
  • precision,
  • progressiveness,
  • personality and
  • performance. 
These form the basis of a lasting aesthetic quality that is guided by universal design principles, such as the golden mean.