You don't change a classic. You refine it.

Tara. is the contemporary interpretation of a design icon. Evolution in design, in architecture, new finishes and colours.

These are small changes, fine details. But it is precisely these details that determine the class of Tara.. Tara. looks more elegant. The extended body formally straightens up the fitting. The rosettes and handles are more streamlined, the overall contours are sharper. All done to put even greater emphasis on the perfect, geometric, symmetric and clear design language and to concentrate and refocus.

TARA set the standard for more than a decade. Tara. will set the standard for the future.


In the special editions, Tara. Black Edition and Tara. White Edition, Tara. is available for the first time in matt black and matt white finishes.

Matt and velvety, Tara. is the expression of a new avant-garde, defined not just by its shape, but also by its finish. The clear architectonic colours of black and white are a deliberate homage to the Bauhaus. In the bathroom, they allow maximum contrast, or maximum harmony. Tara. Black Edition in a bathroom dominated by white. Tara. White Edition in a dark ambience. Or fittings and interior, flowing together, tone for tone.


Dornbracht Bathroom 2014


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