The seated shower, Dornbracht comfort shower

COMFORT SHOWERATT – the seated shower for deep relaxation

Dornbracht’s COMFORT SHOWERATT brings ultimate wellness and relaxation. Something special: a seated shower experience to enjoy. 

Thanks to specialised outlets and different flow modes, engaging scenarios are available for the seated shower at the touch of a button. Kneipp affusions or peeling are also extremely easy and comfortable with the COMFORT SHOWERATT.

You have the option to enhance your seated shower with the LEG SHOWERATT – a shower for your legs that lets you extend the cold or alternating hot-and-cold bursts of the COMFORT SHOWERATT to the muscles of your legs.

Shower in comfort while seated

Enjoy taking a shower while seated under the COMFORT SHOWER<sup>ATT</sup>

  • The COMFORT SHOWERATT comprises a rain shower (BIGRAIN), from which the water rains down from above and envelops your body in big, glistening drops, as if in a shower of rain.
  • The water coming from a second outlet point (WaterFall with pearl stream) falls gently onto your neck and shoulders, as if under a natural waterfall. The pearl stream flow mode is a highly agreeable presentation of water that comfortably envelops your body in gentle, parallel and individual streams of water.
  • The two WaterBars (additional outlet points) each deliver a powerful stream of water to massage the upper and lower back, ensuring pleasing relaxation and loosening of the entire upper body.
  • The affusion pipe is an easy way to carry out therapeutic Kneipp affusions.

If you like, you can also enjoy the COMFORT SHOWERATT while standing and experience that special feeling of relaxation and revitalisation.


As with the wellness shower, VERTICAL SHOWERATT, and the massage shower, HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT, the seated shower, COMFORT SHOWERATT, lets you choose between DE-STRESSING, BALANCING or ENERGIZING scenarios, all of which are easily selected at the touch of a button.

  • DE-STRESSING: The water cleanses the mind. It soothes and powers down the organism. The COMFORT SHOWERATT helps you to relax deeply, getting you fit and mentally strong enough to face the challenges of everyday life.
  • BALANCING: The water becomes the source of spiritual strength. This seated shower scenario creates equilibrium, restoring balance and bringing security.
  • ENERGIZING: Wellness that imparts strength. This COMFORT SHOWERATT scenario brings new energy. All the senses are sharpened and stimulated. The organism powers up.

COMFORT SHOWERATT& Co. - The spa for the home

Dornbracht developed the COMFORT SHOWERATT under the umbrella of the TRANSFORMING WATER concept. This represents the effect water has on people and turns the element of water into an integral part of a health-conscious lifestyle. Regular water applications help to actively improve the quality of life for the individual, getting them fit and mentally strong enough to cope with everyday life.

Design: Sieger Design
Scenarios: Jochen Reisberger