The massage shower, Horizontal ShowerATT - Pure Relaxation

The massage shower brings a totally new feeling of wellness. The unique thing about the HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT is that it helps you relax whilst reclined and delivers the ultimate in well-being – rather like a massage.

Experience total relaxation of a kind that can only be achieved while reclining. The massage shower helps you get away from everyday stress. Your body and mind succumb to perceptible revitalisation under the HORIZONTAL SHOWERRATT


Users can enjoy the HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT lying on their front or on their back. The shower combines six massage jets (WATER BARS) that are recessed above the reclining area. Soft water falls from the jets, ensuring maximum wellness and relaxation - just like a massage. Operation is intuitive – for easy and relaxed control while reclining. The massage shower, HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT, meets every requirement.

You can also use the HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT with different wellness treatments, such as peeling or soap-foam massages. This is why the massage shower is in demand throughout the world as much for private spas as it is for leading wellness hotels and spa providers. With the massage shower, HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT, Dornbracht is once again setting the trend in the private and professional spa.

Body and mind in perfect harmony – a massage shower at the touch of a button

Press a button to select one of three pre-programmed massage scenarios that have been developed by experienced wellness specialists. You can choose between BALANCING, ENERGIZING and DE-STRESSING:


BALANCING: The alternating hot-and-cold rain flow of the water massage starts from the shoulders and the soles of the feet and converges at the body’s midsection. The volume of water also varies. The water gently stroking your body has a marvellously balancing effect. You feel caressed by the water.

ENERGIZING: Invigorates body and mind. The cascade-style water delivery makes this scenario extremely invigorating. Fine streams of water are followed by intense, heavy rain, which in turn is followed by fine streams of water. This is accompanied by numerous changes in temperature to make the scenario utterly invigorating.

DE-STRESSING: Helps to release stress by slowly and gently heating the water. This massage shower scenario is enjoyed lying on your back. Uniform raindrops fall from your shoulders to your feet. Relaxation and massage are quite clearly a priority here.

Design: Sieger Design
Massage scenarios: Schienbein + Pier



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