Dornbracht leg shower - the contrast shower for legs

Leg Shower – the contrast shower for legs

Dornbracht presents LEG SHOWERATT, an automated contrast shower for invigorating leg affusions. The regenerative effect meets the highest aspirations of wellness and good health. Professional sport has used the effect of alternating temperatures to speed up recovery for decades. The therapeutic sensations on body and mind are similar to the effect of taking a sauna. The interaction of temperature and water boosts fitness and has a positive impact on well-being. 

Dornbracht’s LEG SHOWERATT draws on pre-programmed scenarios to make cold or alternating hot-and-cold affusions available. So your body is refreshed after sport, for example, or stimulated, as the deliberate changes in temperature help to build up your body’s defences and boost the immune system.

Operating the contrast shower

The feeling of wellness comes from four WaterBars (outlets) mounted in the shower at calf-height. Control is especially easy, thanks to Dornbracht Smart Tools. These digital control elements accurately control the temperature and volume of the Leg Shower water, as well as providing useful presets.



Good health and wellness in the private spa

The LEG SHOWER<sup>ATT</sup> has been used professionally in spa resorts throughout the world for many years. The shower brings a professional application to your private spa and helps you keep your body fit, every single day.

The LEG SHOWER<sup>ATT</sup> is available in polished chrome and platinum matt.