Stimulating energy

Culture-driven innovations

Inspiration and impulses for people, the brand and products by exchanging ideas with artists and other creative people. How do innovations come about? On the drawing board, probably, in think tanks and research groups. Or possibly as a stroke of genius. We are convinced that the direct and intensive examination of art and culture leads furthermore to a wealth of new things: new ways of thinking, as well as new perspectives, approaches and strategies. Since 1996 we have been initiating our own projects, in addition to supporting selected exhibitions, originally with the aim of deepening the idea of a “culture in the bathroom” and give it complexity and substance. As an initiator, we develop our own project series in which artists, musicians, designers and architects work on the basis of questions surrounding the Dornbracht brand. These include Statements, Performances, Edges and Conversations. As a constant patron of artists, exhibitions and museums, Dornbracht also acts on its conviction that companies have a higher social responsibility. This is documented in the Installation Projects and Sponsorships.
What has emerged from this is a continuous exchange of ideas between artists, musicians, architects, designers and the company. For us, this is a chance to view the world through others’ eyes and gain new energy. Put simply: art and culture as a kind of external research laboratory. The result is that today, the Dornbracht brand stands for knowledge, ideas and inspiration relating to the element of water. The fields of architecture, lifestyle, design, technology and culture form the basis in this process.