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Performing Shower by Dornbracht: Newfound variety for the shower area

At this year's fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010, Dornbracht is presenting its new products for the shower area for the first time in the new Performing Shower programme. Dornbracht's expertise in shower design is distinguished by its various water delivery methods to become evident in Performing Shower programme. This is also reflected in the new products that, in addition to the expansion of the Balance Module programme, include an entirely new generation of rain showers.

"With the Performing Shower programme, the emphasis is on different water forms to convey an individual new shower experience, we are once again affirming our company mission, the Spirit of Water. Water in the form of rain, water as a clear powerful surge, water as an expansive or strongly pulsating or soft and aerated spray – the different ways we encounter water could hardly be more myriad," Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht explained.

The new generation of rain showers

Natural rain is the center of the new generation of rain showers. In nature, water falls with the force of gravity, namely without pressure. Removing technology from this process unveils a multitude of new forms and possibilities. Overall there will be four different rain showers, including rectangular versions for the first time. The diameter of round rain showers is being increased (which had been at a uniform 200 mm). These are now available in both 220 mm and 300 mm diameter sizes – you should clarify here whether or not the 200mm is still going to be available or if it will be discontinued. Brand new to the programme is the 300 mm x 240 mm rectangular rain shower. The design of each and every rain shower in this generation has been further pared down. The spray area is now rounded out in line with the shower head, which creates a soothing visual impression while simultaneously making cleaning and maintenance easier. All rain shower models are based on our tried-and-tested anti-lime technology and can be mounted on the wall or overhead, and can also be combined with a free-standing shower system. The new rain shower and the hand shower are available in all the customary Dornbracht finishes; champagne, chrome, gold, platinum, platinum matte, black matte and white matte.

Hand showers, adjustable to the power of three

The optimal complement to the rain shower can be found in the newest generation of hand showers. The three variable spray settings marked their entrance into the Performing Shower programme objective in 2008. The showers make it possible to chose between a wide normal spray, a soft spray (an aerated, very soft spray that beads up upon contact with skin) and a powerful pulsating massage spray. All the new hand showers include the trusted anti-lime system.

The new Balance Modules – JustRain, WaterBar and WaterSheet

In addition to developments to existing products, Dornbracht's Balance Modules also received three new product additions. The new wall-mounted JustRain responds to customer requests for a product that could be affixed to the wall. Market feedback also resulted in the creation of the new WaterSheet, with a projection that was increased from 120mm to 150 mm. At the same time, a plastic element was integrated to optimise water flow and prevent water from being "pulled back" into the outlet. Lime deposits are also even easier to remove. The WaterBar is completely new, with an extra wide 240 x 60 mm body shower designed to reach the upper and lower back. WaterSheet and WaterBar are available in chrome and platinum matte finishes.

In addition to the customary premium quality that the entire Performing Shower series offers with regard to product and water experience, special care was paid to water consumption in developing every product. The hand showers, for example, thus start with a flow of 12 l/min – and full showering enjoyment.


The products are designed by Sieger Design. The new Balance Module products and rain showers will be available for delivery in September 2010.

About Dornbracht

Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Iserlohn, is a globally active manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. The company regularly receives international design awards for its product designs and is also distinguished by its long-term commitment to cultural endeavors since 1996. Since 2006, the bathroom and kitchen edition of the "Dornbracht - the SPIRIT of WATER" publication has been regularly released, a publication which documents Dornbracht's vision as a company with cultural relevance and reflects the broad spectrum of the Dornbracht brand. Between being a magazine and a catalogue, the publication succeeds in combining the inspiration, dialogue and innovation that distinguishes thought and work at Dornbracht.

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A wall-mounted version of JustRain from the Balance Modules programme is now available.
The new round rain shower is available in two different diameters: 220 and 300 millimeters.
The new generation of rain showers recreates the way that water falls in nature. The design has been pared down further and the spray area is rounded off in line with the shower head.
The projection of the new WaterSheet in the Balance Modules programme has been expanded to 150 millimeters.
The WaterPoints can be combined with any product to serve as additional outlets in the shower to suit individual preferences.