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Transforming Water: Ambiance Tuning Technique from Dornbracht.

Iserlohn/Essen The kitchen and bathroom fittings manufacture Dornbracht will present their Ambiance Tuning Technique, a new technology that allows water to be used to create unique scenarios, at the SHK trade fair in Essen (March 10th - 13th 2010). A symbiosis of water experience, aesthetic architecture, minimalist design, convenient operation and innovative control technology, Ambiance Tuning Technique completely redefines the shower experience. The new technology was developed as part of the "Transforming Water" concept.

"Transforming Water marks the next step on the way to the realization of the Dornbracht brand promise "The Spirit of Water: from the water source to the experience of it," said CEO Andreas Dornbracht. “With the Ambiance Tuning Technique, a variety of jets can be combined in pre-programmed choreographical scenarios of water temperature and volume that enhance individual bath rituals."

The three scenarios, Balancing, Energizing and De-Stressing, stimulate the three human dimensions of body, mind and soul. Each of the scenarios works so individually with the power and soul of water via the JustRain, WaterSheet and WaterBar outlets that every user can influence their own mood. Regularly used, the scenarios become personal rituals and lend a new quality to the showering experience.

The central components of the Ambiance Tuning Technique are the eTool, eValve and eSwitch. Integrated in an open system, they make up the essential technical componants that allow a user to enjoy an enriching and intensifying experience of water.

eTool: the perfect link between aesthetic design and convenient individual operation

Thanks to its minimalistic design, the eTool can be integrated perfectly into every high-quality bathroom architecture and at the same time provides top operating convenience: all important functions can be activated by pressing the corresponding buttons just once. The user has two options to experience water: on the one hand, due to the individual control of the outlets and their various jets; and on the other hand by activating the Balancing, Energizing and De-Stressing scenarios specially developed by Dornbracht.

The outlets are individually controlled using the corresponding button, while temperature and volume regulation can be adjusted by simply turning the knob. An aura of light around the buttons provides the user with intuitive feedback about the current settings. As on the buttons, an aura of light on the knob also displays which setting is currently active: red-blue aura - temperature control active; white aura - volume control active.

The three pre-programmed scenarios are activated by keeping the respective button pressed down for two seconds: the water choreographies then begin automatically. Within the scenarios, the temperature and volume settings of the outlets alternate. This is made possible by the electronic eValve that is installed directly behind every outlet. The eSwitch controls electricity supply and communication between the eValve and the eTool control panel. The integrated service port in the eSwitch enables configuration and diagnosis of the system.

The Ambiance Tuning Technique has three preset scenarios. These are:

Balancing – Water becomes the source of spiritual power.
The Balancing scenario creates equilibrium, balance, and gives a sense of security: A harmonization of all senses. The comforting ebb and flow of the water jets has the effect of a hand softly carressing the body. It feels as though the water embraces your body, protects you, wants to completely cocoon you in this shell of security whilst not smothering you.

Energizing – Water as a giver of energy.
The Energizing scenario gives new energy, recharges, gives power. All senses are animated, stimulated, the organism is rejuvenated. A constant alternation of comforting, warm rain and cold torrents activates the blood flow and microcirculation. Almost involuntarily, the body begins to pulse to the rhythm of the alternations, tensing up against the cold to relax and indulge in the warmth in the next moment.

De-Stressing – Water for the cleansing of the soul
The De-Stressing scenario relaxes, calms, shuts the organism down, quite literally presses the personal "off button". The long, precisely directed warmth of the water relieves the muscles of stress, makes them supple again and the mind is set free. Degree by degree, the storm of thoughts becomes a clear, tranquil stream of ideas. Mind and body are clean and clear once again.

The Ambiance Tuning Technique outlets originate from the Balance Modules program (JustRain, WaterSheet and WaterBar), complemented by a spray hose fitting. They can be freely combined within the system architecture and thus allow for the individual planning and configuration of shower applications. The modular construction of the system (60 x 60 grid, known from Symetrics) also supports high levels of individuality and at the same time guarantees a streamlined overall look. The use of the tried and tested xGrid assembly rail provides for simple and exact installation.

Ambiance Tuning Technique is available from September 2010.

About Dornbracht
Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Iserlohn, is a globally active manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. The company regularly receives international design awards for its product designs and is also distinguished by its long-term commitment to cultural endeavors since 1996. Since 2006, the bathroom and kitchen edition of the "Dornbracht - the SPIRIT of WATER" publication has been regularly released, a publication which documents Dornbracht's vision as a company with cultural relevance and reflects the broad spectrum of the Dornbracht brand. Between being a magazine and a catalogue, the publication succeeds in combining the inspiration, dialogue and innovation that distinguishes thought and work at Dornbracht.

Further information on Dornbracht and Dornbracht products as well as digital press releases are available on the internet at or from the Dornbracht Press Office: Meiré und Meiré, Stephanie Eckerskorn / Aline Wenderoth, Lichtstr. 26-28, 50825 Cologne, T. +49(0)221 57770-416 / -402, Email: / Your contact at Dornbracht: Melanie Prüsch / Anke Siebold, Köbbingser Mühle 6, 58640 Iserlohn, T. +49(0)2371 433-2119 / -2118, Email: /

The eTool combines a clear, minimalistic design vocabulary with the greatest ease of operation. Innovative control technology makes it possible to individually control the various outlets of the shower area for the first time ever.
An aura of light around the knob enables the intuitive temperature and volume control of the outlets.
The aura of light around the buttons on the eTool control panel displays the different settings. An aura of green light shows that the outlet allocated to that button is functioning.