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Dornbracht Foot Bath: New scenarios and comfort features individualise the bathroom

The essentials at a glance:

The innovation: Foot Bath
The special feature: New comfort features and scenarios through digital controls
Product concept and design: Sieger Design
Available for delivery: Autumn 2013

ISERLOHNUnder the programme name 'Transforming Water”', with its newly developed Foot Bath Dornbracht presents an electronic and scenario-adaptable unit for individual foot bath experiences – specialised outlets and the new, digital operation technology respond to the user's personal needs. The scenarios stimulate the foot reflex zones to provide an experience users find relaxing and pleasant.

RELAX calms body, mind and soul with the power of water. Slow and directed warming of the water promotes circulation and can soothe tense muscles. A feeling of security calms the blood flow as the water gently rises from the ankle to the calf. After the scenario, mind and body feel free once more.

VITALIZE invigorates, stimulates and liberates. Working from the feet upwards, energy can flow freely once more as a feeling of freshness envelops the body. Energetic changes in temperature stimulate the reflex zones on the soles of the feet as the pressures of mounting intensity from the jets activate the nervous system. The senses are invigorated and feelings of well-being boosted.

Along with these scenarios, two pre-set comfort features are the convenient and sure filling of water to the desired level: ankle- or calf-deep. The temperature is a pleasant 38°C.

The Foot Bath's scenarios and comfort features are based, first of all, on three special outlets that are tailored to the needs of a foot bath: The WaterFall with Pearlstream has a broad outlet for a particularly soft feeling on the skin. With its gentle, parallel individual jets, this flow offers an unusually pleasant form of water supply. The faucet can be directed to precise zones on the foot or calf - for use in Kneipp treatments, for instance - whilst the four jets on the floor of the basin stimulate the soles of the feet.

And secondly, the new digital control via Smart Tools provides added convenience alongside conventional, mechanical operation. With a single flick of the wrist, two control dials provide precise control of water flow and temperature; one display switch governs the activation of water dispensing and the plug, whilst the second can be used to select comfort features for automatic basin filling and scenarios. The Foot Bath is easy and quick to install as a compact unit ready to plug in based on the 'plug-and-play' principle. The unit's installation measurements are 920 x 700 mm, though the installation height can be varied thanks to the adjustable base. The Unit can be individually panelled in materials that match a bathroom's design, such as marble, natural stone, wood or tile.

The Unit Foot Bath is available in white, glazed steel beginning in autumn 2013. The mechanical controls are available in chrome and matt platinum finishes, and the digital Smart Tools are available in chrome, platinum and matt platinum.

About Dornbracht
Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Iserlohn, is a globally active family-run manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. Highly qualified employees and the most modern production technologies guarantee the highest manufacturing quality. With 'Culturing Life' as its brand claim, the Company broadens its foundations of competence in the areas of design and water: technological progress in terms of connectivity and convenience, and prevention in terms of health and well-being, increasingly characterise the brand orientation and product developments of the future. This is how Dornbracht is forever designing – cultivating – life anew. The long-running cultural commitment through its Culture Projects provides Dornbracht with an ongoing source of fresh inspirations while advancing innovation and technology leadership in the bathroom and kitchen habitats. Dornbracht is part of the Dornbracht Group that, together with Alape, brings together two premium providers for the bathroom and the kitchen.

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01_Foot Bath The Foot Bath offers added comfort features and complex scenarios that can be called up using the digital controls, the Smart Tools. Product concept and design: Sieger Design Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright: Dornbracht
02_Foot Bath The new, specialised outlets of the Foot Bath are perfectly tailored to what the user seeks in a foot bath. Product concept and design: Sieger Design Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright: Dornbracht
03_Foot Bath The retractable faucet can be precisely directed for use on individual areas of the leg to make calf and knee baths particularly comfortable. Product concept and design: Sieger Design Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright: Dornbracht