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'Culturing Life' – Dornbracht cultivates the habitats of bathroom and kitchen

The essentials at a glance:

The innovation: New brand claim: 'Culturing Life'
The vision: Cultivating individual needs in the bathroom and kitchen
The focus: Technological progress and a preventative approach to health
The objective: Product and system solutions for greater quality of life

IserlohnDornbracht is reorienting itself for the future, and following 'the Spirit of Water' it will introduce the new brand claim, 'Culturing Life', at the ISH trade fair. With this, Dornbracht is expanding its foundation, consisting of a high level of design and water competence, by adding two more core qualities: technological progress in terms of connectivity and convenience, and prevention in terms of health and well-being.

The world has changed. Not only rapid, digital change plays a role here, but the megatrend of healthiness also influences our life. Health and well-being have long since become an important element of a meaningful life. Optimisation of physical and mental vitality is the result of an underlying desire to make life as simple, attractive, pleasant and healthy, yet also as enjoyable, as possible.

More than anything else, digital transformation shapes the health of tomorrow. Complex technologies make our life not just simpler but more individual as well. This opens up new possibilities and opportunities in nearly all areas of life. Intelligent processes provide relief, lead to greater vitality and enable quality time. The focus shifts to the individual: to his or her personal quest for well-being.

And Dornbracht is contributing to this process of cultural redesign: 'Within the scope of the Dornbracht Culture Projects, we've learned a great deal about individual rituals and needs in the bathroom and kitchen', CEO Andreas Dornbracht explains. 'In the process, we have monitored the demand for innovative products and intelligent solutions.'

This long-standing occupation with the bathroom and kitchen as habitats, and the investigation of recurrent actions, constantly lead Dornbracht to new issues: How can processes be simplified? What kinds of things promote greater quality of life and quality time in our lives? How must the products and systems we use in the bathroom and in the kitchen be designed to provide the best possible support for our lives?

In its search for answers, Dornbracht is developing system solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow. New products and programmes that will be unveiled for the first time at ISH, such as Smart Water, Sensory Sky and Performing Water Additions, reflect the new view of the brand. They demonstrate how the wealth of technological options can be transposed to the bathroom (and the kitchen). More convenience, more benefits, more individuality. Andreas Dornbracht sums it up: 'The Dornbracht brand has to provide inspiration, but it also has to provide orientation.'

And it is this very attitude that Dornbracht brings to light with its new brand claim. 'Culturing Life' combines the cultivation of individual needs with improving the quality of time. The aim is to offer individual product and system solutions that enrich life, activate vitality and provide added strength. The object is to achieve quality in general and quality of life in particular. This is how Dornbracht is forever designing – cultivating – life anew.

'Culturing Life' will be introduced at ISH 2013.

About Dornbracht
Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Iserlohn, is a globally active family-run manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. Highly-qualified employees and the most modern production technologies guarantee the highest manufacturing quality. With 'Culturing Life' as its brand claim, the Company broadens its foundations of competence in the areas of design and water: technological progress in terms of connectivity and convenience, and prevention in terms of health and well-being, increasingly characterise the brand orientation and product developments of the future. This is how Dornbracht is forever designing – cultivating – life anew. The long-running cultural commitment through its Culture Projects provides Dornbracht with an ongoing source of fresh inspirations while advancing innovation and technology leadership in the bathroom and kitchen habitats. Dornbracht is part of the Dornbracht Group that, together with Alape, brings together two premium providers for the bathroom and the kitchen.

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