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"Dornbracht Kitchen", a brochure for the kitchen from Dornbracht

The essentials at a glance:

The issue: the new "Dornbracht Kitchen" brochure
The innovation: replaces "Dornbracht the SPIRIT of WATER"
The content: inspiration for the kitchen


An extensive photo gallery provides even more inspiration. Dornbracht devotes the 124 pages of the new "Dornbracht Kitchen" brochure to the domestic environment and its many aspects. The magazine, which replaces its predecessor, "the Spirit of Water", focuses firmly on inspiring visuals and showcases product solutions for the evolving needs of the kitchen - in keeping with the current brand claim of "Culturing Life".

"Culturing Life" puts into words Dornbracht's ambition to make bathroom, spa and kitchen life easier and, above all, more personal – with a particular focus on the potential of digital control. The brand claim represents the vision of using intelligent product and system solutions to provide optimum support to everyday rituals, to therefore improve the overall quality of life.

"Dornbracht Kitchen" communicates this all rounded approach and is regarded as a source of inspiration for a new understanding of culture in the kitchen. The questions that precede each individual chapter are designed to encourage readers to reflect on what it is they really want and need: How should a product be designed so that it supports the processes in the kitchen both functionally and aesthetically? How differently does water perform when rinsing vegetables or washing dishes? In which rooms does it make sense to have a separate drinking water source? How can activities in the kitchen be supported by digital technology?

The focal point of the brochure is its rich illustrated overview of all the Dornbracht design series and product solutions, including the Water Zones – a concept that separates the water supply points according to different areas of activity – and the latest innovation, eUnit Kitchen, the first digital control technology for the kitchen, that simplifies everyday chores. The water volume and temperature, as well as the strainer waste, can be regulated precisely, conveniently and automatically with digital control elements – making work easier and saving time, leaving more room for meal preparation.

The article "Between Science & Romance" is also about the enjoyment of cooking and records a conversation between the food writer, Ralf Frädtke, and star chef Sven Elverfeld. The interview addresses the passion for cooking, as well as current nutrition and food trends – reverting to traditional and simple dishes, "urban farming", as well as the continuation of the slow food movement. Meal preparation is celebrated with more and more people appreciating the benefits of this satisfying routine, which is in direct contrast to the fast place of everyday life.

For almost twenty years, Dornbracht has capitalised on the momentum provided by its "Culture projects" for the development of future product solutions. Two kitchen-related projects, "The Farm Project" (2006) and "Global Street Food" (2009), have already come into fruition. The magazine article "A change in the kitchen – Four questions to Andreas Dornbracht and Mike Meiré" revisits these projects and poses the question: How has the kitchen changed since then, how will it develop in the future – and what new challenges will emerge? Andreas Dornbracht and art director and designer, Mike Meiré, take a look at the kitchen of the future and discuss how the two kitchen megatrends; the influence of digitalisation and health and wellbeing, will affect the domestic environment.

"Dornbracht Kitchen" is an important element as it brings the brand to life by showcasing Dornbracht's brand claim, "Culturing Life", in an inspiring new way. The brochure is available now and can be ordered or downloaded online via

Dornbracht_Kitchen_01 In keeping with its brand claim, "Culturing Life", Dornbracht devotes a new brochure, "Dornbracht Kitchen", entirely to the kitchen environment and its diverse product range. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht_Kitchen_02 A kitchen should be as individual as its users. "Dornbracht Kitchen" begins each individual chapter with questions designed to encourage readers to reflect on their desires and requirements for this environment. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht_Kitchen_03 Professional kitchens have provided a source of inspiration for Dornbracht's Water Zones concept, where Dornbracht separates tasks such as preparation, cooking, cleaning and drinking, by creating different zones. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht_Kitchen_04 Dornbracht responds to the changing needs of the kitchen by offering smart product solutions; with its latest innovation, eUnit Kitchen, being a key example. This offers the first digital control technology for the kitchen and makes everyday activities easier and more convenient and precise. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht_Kitchen_05 Intelligent product and system solutions support everyday kitchen tasks, leaving more room for creativity and enjoyment. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht_Kitchen_06 "Dornbracht Kitchen" offers an overview of all the product and design series included in the Dornbracht portfolio; one such product is the iconic Tara model, which perfectly marries aesthetics, quality and functionality. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht_Kitchen_07 Dornbracht has initiated and endorsed exhibitions and culture projects for many years. Its latest contribution, "A change in the kitchen - Four questions to Andreas Dornbracht and Mike Meiré", reflects on the "Culture Projects" implemented so far and offers opinions on the future kitchen. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht