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The efficiency of water: beneficial applications in your own bathroom

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Innovation: specialised products and new technologies for water applications in your own bathroom
Product concept and design: Sieger Design


Water for health: Regular, targeted applications of water have a positive effect on your body and your mind. Sebastian Kneipp was one of the first to recognise that hydrotherapeutic treatments improve wellbeing and he developed the Kneipp Cure that bears his name and which is still highly regarded in many countries of the world. Dornbracht's specialised products and new technologies allow you to experience the effectiveness of water in the comfort of your own bathroom.

In winter, the cold weather takes a lot out of your immune system and much is demanded of your body's natural defences so it is even more important to take preventive action early and boost your physical constitution. But it is not only in winter that the focus is on personal wellbeing; the impact of the health megatrend is now felt all-year-round. A health-conscious lifestyle and the optimisation of physical and mental energy have become important elements of a healthy life.

Even though everyday life leaves less and less time for relaxing breaks, with only the occasional opportunity for recuperation, you can improve your wellbeing with a few simple applications. Your own bathroom becomes your private haven for health and prevention: massages, washing and bathing are all beneficial to the body. Depending on the type of application, they can either be calming, relaxing or stimulating.

Precise, coordinated thermal stimuli - ranging from warm, interchanging warm and cold, to cold - are at the heart of hydrotherapy. Alternate hydro massage and bathing always make the stimuli seem stronger and more intense; they promote blood supply and stimulate the circulation, metabolism and nervous system. But warm or cold applications are also possible, such as a cold shower in the morning and a warm footbath in the evening.

Dornbracht sees preventive health care as an essential driving force for modern bathroom architecture, as well as being a crucial component of the "Culturing Life" brand vision. The individual's personal needs and a growing awareness of health-enhancing applications in the bathroom, constantly inspire Dornbracht to create innovative products and systems.

The focus for Dornbracht is not only excellent functionality, but also the aesthetics of the applications. Dornbracht's fittings series and systems continually set new standards for both function and form. Since its inception, one question in particular has kept driving the company forward: how to fashion the individual zones in the bathroom to give maximum assistance to the efficiency of the water?

The specialised outlets of the Water Modules and the digital control technology of Smart Water are Dornbracht's answer. New, modular products make the water applications in your own bathroom even simpler and more effective. The extractable shower hose is perfect for massaging the arms or forehead at the basin and it makes massaging the knees and thighs in the shower particularly easy.

With Smart Water, Dornbracht has developed an intelligent technology that transfers the possibilities and opportunities of digitalisation to the bathroom environment. In addition to conventional, mechanical regulation, all outlets can be controlled with the new, digital Smart Tools. Temperature and water volume can be accurately adjusted with just a flick of the wrist. Water applications become simple and user-friendly – but above all, personal. The controls and outlets can be combined with one another as required, to meet the requirements of the individual.

In addition, Dornbracht offers the Foot Bath, a new electronic unit with scenario capability that is specifically attuned to the needs of the individual in footbath applications. Two scenarios and two comfort functions are pre-programmed to help you complete your Kneipp baths.

It is the same as it always was: Sanus Per Aquam (SPA) – health through water. Hydrotherapy is an important component of a health-conscious lifestyle that does not just stabilise personal wellbeing; it actively improves the quality of life of the individual. Dornbracht makes a substantial contribution, with individual product and system solutions for the bathroom.

The new, specialised outlets and Smart Water digital control technology will be on the market from spring 2014.

About Dornbracht
Iserlohn-based Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally active, family-run manufacturer of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. Highly-qualified employees and state-of-the-art production technologies guarantee top-level manufacturing quality. The brand claim of "Culturing Life" expands the company's fundamental design and water expertise: technological advance in the sense of connectivity and comfort and prevention in the sense of health and wellbeing are more noticeably influencing future brand alignment and product development. Dornbracht keeps finding new ways to design - cultivate - life. For years, Dornbracht's cultural commitment to the Culture Projects has continually provided new impetus and encouraged the use of leading innovation and technology in bathroom and kitchen environments. Dornbracht is part of the Dornbracht Group, along with Alape, in a union of two premium bathroom and kitchen suppliers.

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01_Hydrotherapy_Dornbracht_jpg With new, modular products, the water applications in your own bathroom are even simpler and more effective. Dornbracht's extractable shower hose makes hydro massage to the knee and thigh particularly easy in the shower. Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright: Dornbracht
02_Hydrotherapie_Dornbracht_jpg The pivoting outlet on the washstand facilitates a convenient mouth rinse.
Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright:
03_Hydrotherapy_Dornbracht_jpg Thanks to the extractable shower hose in the Foot Bath, traditional Kneipp hydro massage to the knee, thigh and calf, is possible. Automatic functions take care of filling the tub, to ankle or knee height, at a temperature of 38°C. Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright: Dornbracht
04_Hydrotherapy_Dornbracht_jpg At the washbasin, the extractable shower hose is ideal for massaging the arms, forehead and the face. Smart Tools digital control elements help to precisely regulate the water temperature and volume. Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright: Dornbracht
05_Hydrotherapy_Dornbracht_jpg The "Cleansing", "Showering", "Bathing" and "Foot Bathing" zones defined by Dornbracht are precisely geared to individual rituals and actions and create the optimum framework for washing, massaging and bathing. Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright: Dornbracht
06_Hydrotherapie_Dornbracht_jpg The hand-held shower head at the washstand simplifies hair washing, with a particularly broad, gentle
spray. Photos: Stephan Abry Copyright: Dornbracht