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Dornbracht initiates a global social media appeal: #createanewbalance

The essentials at a glance: The news: Dornbracht initiates a social media appeal on the subject of transitional style
The subject: Hashtag #createanewbalance
The special feature: Building on the cooperation with Rafael de Cárdenas and Neri&Hu,
Dornbracht is calling for a cross-platform debate on the transitional style interior design trend
Iserlohn, July 2017
“Create a new balance – between traditional elegance and contemporary cool”. This is the premise under which Dornbracht will from now on be inviting creative individuals throughout the world to share their personal view of the transitional style interior design trend. Building on the collaboration with architects Rafael de Cárdenas and Neri&Hu in the context of the new Vaia series of fittings, Dornbracht wants to continue the exchange of views across the disciplines. Using the hashtag #createanewbalance, Dornbracht is calling for individual interpretations of transitional style. This is to get a look at the trend in a way that is as holistic as it is progressive.

What is transitional style?
Transitional style describes a mix of traditional and contemporary elements. Notable for its experimental use of materials, textures, forms and colours, it epitomises a world of style that combines the new and the established and brings the different influences of interior design into balance.

Bring new impulse, provide inspiration and encourage the exchange of views between disciplines:
This is the aim of the social media appeal, which sends out an invitation not only to creative individuals from all disciplines – such as architects, interior designers, designers and planners – but also to interested end users. Using the hashtag #createanewbalance, Dornbracht is calling for a discussion of transitional style – in as many ways as possible: be it with moodboards, sketches or renderings, new designs or already existing work. Statements about transitional style are also welcome, to throw light on the subject from a variety of different perspectives.

In this way, Dornbracht is initiating a cross-platform debate. Contributions can be posted on all social media platforms. They should be hashtagged #createanewbalance and include the account tags @dornbracht (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) or @dornbracht_official (Instagram). Starting in mid-July, Dornbracht will be sharing selected contributions on the social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Background: Rafael de Cárdenas and Neri&Hu developed an inspirational environment for Vaia
At the heart of the #createanewbalance campaign is the collaboration with the architects Rafael de Cárdenas (New York) and Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu of Neri&Hu (Shanghai).

For the new premium designer fitting Vaia, which – in keeping with transitional style – features a classically elegant yet progressive design, they developed moodboards, material collages and bathroom architecture designs in which traditional and contemporary elements are combined in an innovative way.

Supplementary material collages were also created in collaboration with Mike Meiré, Creative Director for Dornbracht. Along with the architects’ designs, these formed the basis of the real bathroom architectures developed by Meiré und Meiré, of which put the spotlight photographically on Vaia.

The bathroom environments produced in this way are the starting point and simultaneously the inspiration for the contributions that will arrive using the hashtag #createanewbalance: individual interpretations of transitional style, which was also the inspiration for Vaia and its soft, balanced design language.

Dornbracht provides insights into the collaboration with Rafael de Cárdenas and Neri&Hu on its own media channels: