MEM Bathroom architecture

Inspired by Artificial Intelligence: /imagine

MEM’s clean, organic form is reminiscent of the most natural form of water presentation: a spring. The fitting has always represented originality and naturalness – it has an elementary and genuine aesthetic appeal. To mark its twentieth birthday, we are presenting MEM in a new architectural setting that continues this idea.

Originality and naturalness are the key themes of the MEM architecture. Dornbracht used artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time in its development. Fed with millions and millions of details, AI roots itself in the collective consciousness and creates something new: fantastic visual worlds that appear strange, yet familiar. These visual worlds were the initial source of inspiration for the new lead bathroom architecture: /imagine. The creative process is based on a collaboration between man and machine: AI-based suggestions were evaluated, modified and returned as feedback.

The resulting dialogue opened up unprecedented creative potential – and new perspectives on the bathroom as a living space. /imagine embodies an architectonic utopia – a visionary space, where imagination knows no boundaries.

MEM_Lead bath 2023_2

An archaic, primeval landscape. Steep cliffs, a distant horizon, an endless expanse. In the midst of these surreal surroundings, the new MEM bathroom opens up to nature whilst creating a safe place for meditation rituals and connecting with the inner self.

MEM_Lead bath 2023_3_V2

A rain shower with a rotating base plate on both sides that allows you to gaze outside at the natural surroundings.

MEM_Lead bath 2023_9

A self-care zone with a place to sit, a spacious mirror, and warm light.

MEM_Lead bath 2023_8_V2

A HORIZONTAL SHOWER for a relaxing experience with water while lying down.

MEM_Lead bath 2023_6

A long, natural stone washbasin where the water flows past like a stream.

MEM Leadbad_Skizze

"At its core, it's about freedom. The freedom to be with yourself. The freedom to be one with yourself and the world. And what if we could fantasize about worlds that allow us to leave the boundlessness of the thinkable and tangible behind? The rise of AI technology offers the opportunity to create entirely new architectural spaces, which in turn can offer humans entirely novel and profound sensory experiences.“


Rituals initiate and shape transitions. In the bathroom, they often mark the transition from private to public spaces – and vice versa. Or the passing from one time of day to the next: from dawn to day, from evening to night. The architecture is oriented around these transitions – the suspended state between night and day (sunrise) and day and night (dusk). 

MEM_Lead bath 2023_7

The three scenarios establish the connection with the colorful light and water modes of the rain showers.

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#MaterialsMatter: Color code

Nature as inspiration: the color code of this MEM architecture is an expression of primal energy. It's based on the cross-section of a geode (a fossil rock). The rock pattern serves as inspiration for this futuristic architecture and bathroom’s harmonious color design. The colors range in a progression from dark red to dusty pink, and terracotta to sand and anthracite.

MEM Lead Bathroom MaterialsMatter Collage V2

In addition to the gentle color gradients, it's the diverse textures that characterize the material concept of the architecture. These are rugged and grainy, remarkably soft, or glossy and smooth. Natural stones with different qualities and characteristics meet warm wood and soft velvet.


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