Luxury Shower Sensory SkyATT - Inspired by natural phenomena

With the Dornbracht luxury shower, SENSORY SKYATT, you experience showering in new dimensions and with all your senses. Water, light and fragrances are combined with one another by the latest technology and minimalist, timeless design. This interaction brings wellness at a luxury level.


With the luxury shower, SENSORY SKYATT, showering becomes a unique experience that touches all the senses. Different rain modes, mist, lighting and fragrances complement one another in unique choreographies that are inspired by weather phenomena and the moods of nature. Large in size and flush to the ceiling, RainSky brings nature in all her glory to your private bathroom, as overhead and body sprays simultaneously dispense wellness and relaxation. The deliberate use of the rain curtain to envelop you in warm summer rain creates a sense of relaxation that is the height of luxury. You are surrounded by a warm water curtain that shields you from everyday life on all sides.

The luxury shower not only boosts wellness to help you relax, it also gives you the chance to revitalise. One highlight is the cold water mist, that delivers an exceptionally refreshing kick at the touch of a button. SENSORY SKYATT is controlled intuitively and easily with digital Smart Tools. They can also be used to activate pre-programmed natural experiences.  Gently press the button to start the desired shower choreography.

Luxury shower scenarios

What does mist feel like? What does nature smell like? What does warm summer rain look like? Treat yourself to any of the three, pre-defined choreographies, READJUST, RELEASE and REJOICE

  • READJUST sharpens the senses. Mist and gentle rain reduce the daily flood of stimuli to a soothing minimum – until the gentle light of dawn begins, the sky gradually clears and perception becomes more aware and intense once again. The fresh-woody meadow herbs and sweet-fruity hints of berries that compose the luxury shower are reminiscent of the pleasantly soft fragrance of a dry forest floor, and boost the feeling of revival after your shower.
  • RELEASE is reminiscent of the intense summer rain that simultaneously cleanses and liberates. Pent-up energies are discharged in an expressive choreography of different kinds of rain, and invigorating changes in the temperature and lighting of the luxury shower. The alternation of cool and warm water in the rain curtain and the fascinating interaction of a summer shower and sheet lightning encourages a feeling of release – accompanied by a refreshing, seemingly tropical fragrance with hints of citrus and an earthy base - a new beginning for body, mind and soul.
  • REJOICE protects, envelops and stabilises. The outer, warm rain curtain of the luxury shower becomes a projection screen for the light effects, as water droplets glisten in all the colours of the rainbow. Added to this is a poetic composition of fragrance, which combines fresh and clear notes with a spicy-sweet and woody finish. A multi-faceted and harmonious interplay of colours, fragrances and water modes that gradually spreads through the entire organism and harmonises all the senses.

Along with the three choreographies, the rain modes, light and fragrances of the luxury shower SENSORY SKYATT can also be activated separately and independently of one another for an individual shower experience. Whether the choreography is programmed or personal – SENSORY SKYATT creates a unique sensory shower experience that is like showering in the open air – in your own bathroom.

Design: Sieger Design
Choreographies: Schienbein + Pier




Dornbracht Bathroom 2014


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