Novelties 2013

Dornbracht is shaping the digital future in the bathroom and kitchen

Dornbracht is reorienting itself in 2013 with its new brand claim, 'Culturing Life'. Bathroom and kitchen culture are being developed further – ideas of today for the needs of tomorrow.

The world has changed. Not only rapid, digital change plays a role here, but the megatrend of healthiness also influences our life. Dornbracht is contributing to this process of cultural redesign and is adding to its foundations in design and water competence: technological progress, in terms of connectivity and convenience, and prevention, in terms of health and well-being, increasingly characterise the brand orientation and product developments of the future. This is how Dornbracht is forever designing – cultivating – life anew. The new brand vision: 'Culturing Life'.
The new products at a glance:

Dornbracht Bathroom – Aesthetics, beauty and care

Supplemental to its new brand vision, with 'Aesthetics, beauty and care' Dornbracht defines a claim specific to the habitat of the bathroom. Aesthetics, beauty and care are key elements at the heart of its product-development efforts. At ISH, this standard will become visible for the first time in several new products for the bathroom: Sensory Sky, Smart Water and the new, specialised water outlets.

Personal needs, individual spaces
The new, specialised outlets for the 'Cleansing', 'Showering', 'Bathing' and 'Foot Bathing' zones are precisely tailored to the needs characteristic of the respective activity space. The aim is to develop even better, more intelligent and more specific forms for the presentation of water. The foundation of this effort is the formal stringency of the Dornbracht aesthetics, which permits the combination of products across designs and series. This makes the product portfolio a unique, modular construction kit for people's individual needs.
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Sensory Sky
A feeling like that of showering in the open air is in store thanks to Sensory Sky, the new, uniquely sensual shower experience. Different types of rain, fog, light and fragrances complement one another to create complex scenarios inspired by weather phenomena and the moods of nature. Fragrances created specially for these choreographies touch the senses with natural compositions. Controls are easy and convenient to use, thanks to the new, digital Smart Tools by Dornbracht, developed on the basis of the new Smart Water technology.
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Smart Water
Smart Water stands for the vision of enlisting the numerous possibilities and opportunities for digitisation of applications in the bathroom (and kitchen) – and advancing these even further. This intelligent technology networks components in the bathroom with one another, making applications convenient to simplify and individualise. The basis for this are the Smart Tools that Dornbracht has developed. The interface consists of two control dials to control temperature and water volume, along with one or more displays with switching functions.
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Dornbracht Kitchen – Eat, drink & think
Alongside its innovations for the bathroom, Dornbracht also transfers digital possibilities to another area of competence – the kitchen. In 2013 the company is presenting innovations for the kitchen based on the Smart Water technology – applications that facilitate and simplify work processes.

eUnit Kitchen
The best example of this: eUnit Kitchen. The first, electronic product solution optimises work processes with digitally controlled fittings and is characterised by intuitive, easy-to-use controls.
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Supplemental to this, Pivot, the new premium fitting with a 360°; radius of activity, illustrates the redefinition of flexibility in the kitchen.
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