Paseo Mallorca 15: a new landmark for Palma


Urban architectural highlight with a green lung

Located directly on Paseo Mallorca, the apartment building of the same name seamlessly blends with the distinctive Mediterranean architecture of the region. This is due to the incorporation of local, natural materials. Dornbracht fittings are used in the extraordinary interior design by OHLAB studio, as are the matching shower applications. The most striking element of the exclusive residential complex is its main facade, for which the architect duo Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver had a very special vision: it was to have the lightness of a glass construction, but at the same time take account of Mallorca’s hot climate, especially in summer. The idea that the two finally realised is as surprising as it is logical: instead of a glass front, a permeable “skin” made of certified pine slats now filters the sun.

Anyone entering Paseo Mallorca 15 is greeted by a wall of Spanish reeds: a plant that is typical of Mediterranean riverbeds and is a nod to the watercourse of the Riera, which flows on the other side of the avenue. An oasis of tranquillity awaits in the inner courtyard, featuring an abundance of plants. With its various levels, it looks like a green lung of vegetation and trees. A waterfall cascades from the adjoining small garden, cooling the inner courtyard. Together with cross ventilation, it effectively lowers the indoor temperatures during the hot months without relying on energy consumption. From here, there is direct access to the basement, which houses a swimming pool, gym and spa area for the residents.


Natural, local materials predominate in the design of the apartments, specifically capturing the Mediterranean flair of Palma. This includes wood panelling and plain lime mortar, complemented by local natural stone and occasional elements of aged bronze. The different textures and colours form a balanced, harmonious whole. In keeping with this, the individual apartments are characterised by light sandy tones, open spaces and minimalist interiors.

Fittings from Dornbracht can be found in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms – and with their Brushed Durabrass (23kt Gold) finish, they form an essential element of the overall aesthetic concept. While TARA adorns the kitchen unit, the TARA and META ranges create harmonious ensembles with the individual stone washbasins and brass mirrors in the bathrooms. They are complemented by matching shower applications and bathtub fittings. “The special design of the fittings contributes to the airy feeling exuded by the bathrooms. They blend seamlessly into these tactile environments, complementing the selection of high-quality materials that are pleasant to touch and that we have chosen for Paseo Mallorca 15. They also attribute the bathrooms a touch of elegance in keeping with the high design standards of this project”, explain Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver.

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