eSET Touchfree Basin mixer without pop-up waste without temperature setting

Product Number Set containing 2 articles
Color: Brushed Platinum


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Product Details


  • 165 mm projection
  • Fixed spout
  • Circular, air-enriched flow
  • Height of mixer 230 mm
  • Height up to aerator 205 mm
  • Hole diameter 35 mm
  • 2x screw-in M 10 x 1 pressure hose, leak-tested
  • 1/2" connection
  • Max. flow 7 l/min
  • Lead-free
  • Automatic hygiene flush
  • Suitable for thermal disinfection
  • Adjustable follow-up time
  • High-frequency sensors with self-calibration
  • Magnetic valve
  • 100-240 V AC / 12 V DC, 50-60 Hz, 18 W power supply unit, incl. country-specific adapter set
  • Cannot be combined with basins in conducting materials (e.g. steel. river stone).
  • Cannot be combined with basins that have a closing drain.
  • ATTENTION: Separate terms and conditions for electronic articles are applicable.

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