The bathroom becomes an oasis of wellness 

The Oasis bathroom dissolves boundaries, bringing the outside world indoors. Coming home: finding yourself, refuelling and recovering. At one with nature.

„As the architecture opens up, we complete the cycle of man and nature. Open and flexible zoning provides the freedom to connect to nature. The bathroom becomes a place of sensory experience and longing, somewhere new to spend your time.“
The Oasis Bathroom

The bathroom is an open zone, shaped by the use you make of it. Changeable and flexible. The circular arrangement of the shower curtain creates rooms within the room and becomes part of the bathroom architecture.


The circle as a central architectural form extends through all the flexible features of the architecture. Intimate, imaginative, individual.


These days, personal luxury means time and space. The feeling of being at home. Personal havens are more important now than ever before.


All five senses are activated by the combination of tactile surfaces and natural colours with primary materials such as concrete, pebbles and plants.


The sculptural quality of CYO combined with the DARK PLATINUM MATTE finish consciously sets the tone and contrasts with the material quality of the bath panelling.

The bathroom as a living space

The bathroom architectures “The Metropolitan” and “The Oasis” each interpret CYO in their own unique way. Created by Creative Director Mike Meiré.

The desire for something authentic, genuine and natural is reflected in the use of materials, the touch and the feel of the bathrooms

  • Nature Associations

    A flowing and transparent shower curtain made from recycled polyester. In the context of the architectural concept, the progression of colour from green to white evokes associations with nature.


A commanding statement in both progressive and classic bathrooms. CYO combines origin and future in the here and now. You think you know the design language, yet the effect is unseen and forward looking.

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