Sustainability does not result from programs and guidelines, but from the interaction of creative minds. For Dornbracht, sustainable action is directly related to the attitude that your own behavior can be further improved at any time. So the aim of actively participating in climate protection and in saving resources is seen as a continual challenge, both in corporate matters and directly in the employee workplace.
The company goes way beyond compliance with the legal standards in its production and with its products, explains manufacturer Andreas Dornbracht. "We are looking for long-term solutions all along the value generation chain."
"Knowing the implications" – a valuable resource
The flat hierarchies in use at Dornbracht allow interaction between employees in a daily exchange of knowledge and experience. Whatever the problem in a given case – whether the introduction of new materials, rethinking the logistical processes or developing new system solutions and products – there is a resource to fall back on that could be described as "knowing the implications". Such wide-ranging, in-depth information is only possible because of the flourishing, creative interaction of minds. The overall result is significantly more viable – more sustainable – than if every department had only been working on its own solution.
It goes without saying that for Dornbracht, all the efforts that are made in the interest of sustainability are not merely defined by limits. In fact, as Andreas Dornbracht says, the company itself wants to be the protagonist establishing innovations in the market. "It is important for us, as a leading company in the German sanitation industry, to promote discussions about handling the resource of water responsibly."

Modern technology in action for the environment
Since 2007, wastewater at Dornbracht has regularly been only half the prescribed limit. In surface finishing, new technologies were able to reduce water consumption by 70%. At the same time, Dornbracht was able to reduce liquid spillages from the precious metal baths to virtually zero. And the complex air filtration system in the surface finishing area extracts the abrasive dust and forwards it for recycling.
Dornbracht fittings are made from 100% recyclable materials, taken from the material cycle. In the interests of sustainability, Dornbracht will also have changed the material used in the production of all its washstand and sink fittings to a copper/zinc alloy by the end of 2011, even though this is not required by legislation. This will prevent lead getting into the drinking water.

WELL – Water Efficiency Label
To encourage a responsible approach to water use, Dornbracht is participating in the introduction of the "WELL – Water Efficiency Label". This is initially a voluntary classification system from the European sanitary fittings industry, which should ultimately become an established European standard. To make people aware of the problems regarding the resource, leading representatives of the German sanitation industry banded together as early as 2009 in the Blue Responsibility initiative. Here too, Dornbracht is committed to making more efficient use of drinking water and to using more eco-friendly materials.



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