Strength through innovation – over three generations

Dornbracht – since 1950, this name has signified the production of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for the bathroom. Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company run by a family in its third generation whose products have received numerous awards and significantly shaped the decor, architecture and functionality in bathrooms and kitchens. This global player, with its head office in Iserlohn, Germany, enjoys a reputation throughout the industry for being highly innovative because it has the flexibility to respond to change and progress and quickly implement forward-looking concepts along the entire value-added chain. This safeguards its location and regularly reinforces the company's clearly expressed belief in "Made in Germany". Dornbracht's long-term commitment has also established it as a relevant protagonist in the European cultural scene.


The company now has 14 international sales offices and is currently managed by brothers Andreas and Matthias Dornbracht. Andreas Dornbracht is responsible for Sales and Marketing, whereas Matthias Dornbracht's areas of responsibility are Production, Purchasing and Logistics. The annual turnover in 2010 was 115.9 million euros, 65.5% of which was accounted for by international business. Dornbracht employs an international workforce of 790 and is training 19 commercial and industrial apprentices in Germany. 8.5% of the employees are currently in training. Dornbracht is one of the few companies in the sanitation sector that manufactures, without exception, in Germany. 90% of its suppliers come from Germany, with more than 70% from the South Westphalia region. The company also ensures its competitiveness by its advanced development of the "fractal factory" production concept. With the proviso of reducing the complexity of processes and boosting the personal responsibility of every employee, the individual departments that make up the divisions - from Development to Procurement to Production and Sales - are being combined, step by step, into modules. The employees of a division work closer together in their respective modules, which speeds up the processes. The modules are around 7,750 square feet in size and have been added to what are rather longer-term factory buildings at the head office in Iserlohn. They include a Kitchen Module, a Technology Module, a Communications Module and a New Products Module.



  • Portrait

    Premium fittings from Iserlohn. Innovative products for kitchen and bathroom from the family-run Dornbracht company are setting global standards.   More
  • History

    For more than 60 years, the name of Dornbracht has signified daring to try something new. It all started one evening after work, in a shack in Iserlohn.   More


  • Efficiency

    "Every employee must be familiar with their exact contribution to the success of the company" – Dornbracht increases efficiency at the Iserlohn location.   More
  • Technology

    Complex geometric shapes are easily coated – the new electroplating system has secured Dornbracht a clear advantage over the competition.   More
  • Sustainability

    Sustainable economic activity at Dornbracht results from the creative interaction of minds – going beyond compliance with legal standards.   More
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    International awards and top customers with the highest standards bear witness to the exceptional quality of Dornbracht products.   More
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    The corporate strategies and cultivated relationships make it obvious that Dornbracht's fate is not under the control of a faceless consortium.   More
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    Dornbracht explores its cultural identity – and in doing so, assists the learning process of the premium brand.   More

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    Exciting and demanding job and training opportunities in a company that aims to be "different and better than the others."   More