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Dornbracht Water Zones: Professional functionality for the home kitchen.

Iserlohn / Cologne At Living Kitchen, the international trade fair in Cologne for industry experts and the public alike (imm 18 - 23 January 2011), fittings manufacturer Dornbracht is presenting Water Zones. The Water Zones is a concept for the kitchen as a living area which incorporates work areas that are perfectly tailored to the tasks performed in different parts of the kitchen.

Inspired by the innovative structure of the Water Zones, the trade fair stand transforms the concept into different tangible presentation zones. Water Zones make it possible to spatially separate different water-related tasks in home kitchens the way that they are in commercial kitchens. The specially selected and configured Water Sets (fittings) and Water Units (basins) are coordinated to suit each Water Zone: Preparing, Cooking, Cleaning, Drinking and Universal.

"The Water Zones are once again testify our company's mission to be pioneering," said Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht. "Although kitchen tasks all have different requirements from a water source, only very few home kitchens have separate work areas that reflect this. In examining this phenomenon and questioning how it might be possible to change the kitchen – which has long since ceased to be simply a work area and has become a living area – lead us to develop the Water Zones in 2007."

Dornbracht's Water Zones define separate zones with different requirements: Preparing, Cleaning, Cooking and Drinking. For kitchens with layouts that make completely separating tasks impossible, the Universal Water Zone brings together the individual Water Zone characteristics in a space-saving way.

The Water Sets from Dornbracht's kitchen fittings programme have been especially selected and reconfigured for the Water Zones. The Water Units consist of various single and double-basin sinks that were especially developed for the Dornbracht Water Sets. All Water Units are hand-made stainless steel basins. Water Units and Water Sets create a uniform functional unit with a specific design that is optimally suited to the requirements of a particular water base.

"By combining the new basins with our fittings for the kitchen, we can offer a perfectly configured package," Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht explained. "A package of the highest calibre. Like our fittings, the basins also meet the highest standards in quality, design and functionality.

For kitchen planners, architects and end customers, specialised fittings, basins and accessories in the kitchen mean improved work flows and fewer compromises.

"Regardless of their individual functional orientation, all the Water Zones share a clear linear relationship horizontally along the work space. Vertically they correspond to the classic interlocking mosaic of kitchen furnishings," Benedikt Sauerland of Sieger Design commented on the overall design concept. "A cohesive and holistic picture emerges of the room's relationship to its objects that allows the water bases to merge into their surroundings harmoniously. We collaborated with Dornbracht as well as external specialists including kitchen planners and professional chefs in a series of workshops to flesh out the requirements for this brand new concept of zones. We needed to lay out the different scenarios and their sets of requirements for the kitchen as a workspace and use what we discovered to determine individual zones, and then define their functions with enough precision for us to have a basis to begin designing the product. The complexity of the project, which isn't something a designer encounters on a day-to-day basis, made it extremely exciting."

The individual Water Zones:

Washing, cleaning, cutting, draining – the Preparing Water Zone is perfectly equipped for professionally preparing food. It features a special professional spray fitting with an adjustable stream to gently spray vegetables, fruit and meat. And a double-basin sink that is deep on one side to hold things while the design of the other side is flat with free drainage. By adding a separate cutting board on the flat side (for example), it is possible to work directly on and in the basin. That not only cuts down on the amount of movement required, but also keeps freshly rinsed vegetables, meat or fruit from dripping on the kitchen floor.

Adding water without taking the pot off the hob, draining pasta without having to walk far – as a water base right next to the cooker, the Cooking Water Zone makes all that possible. The Pot Filler makes it convenient and fast to add water at any time. The basins are deep enough to be able to hold large containers.

Anticipating and savouring food are things people are happy to devote a lot of time to in the kitchen. Washing up, on the other hand, should be as fast as possible. That is why the Cleaning Water Zone is outfitted with two basins and a professional spray fitting with an extra-strong stream that is specially well-suited to removing stubborn residue. The spray fitting's wide range of motion means that any cookware that has been used can be filled up to soak outside the sink in the rinsing basin. The large-capacity basin is extra deep and wide to easily accommodate washing up baking sheets and large pots and dishes. A separate single-lever mixer provides for faster filling. An integrated excenter enables water to be filled to the desired level. A dispenser for washing up liquid adjacent to the projection makes washing up even easier.

Today many people would like to have a separate drinking water source in their kitchen instead of having to carry heavy water crates. And living areas are also frequently outfitted with bars where a glass can be filled up with water or a drink can be prepared. With products especially designed for this zone – such as the Water Dispenser, Water Unit and Drinking Plate – the Drinking Water Zone is not only functional, its sleek pared-down design is made for use in these areas.

The revelations revealed by optimising for function provide so many benefits that no one should do without, especially not because of a lack of space. That is why the Universal Water Zone was designed for smaller-sized kitchens. It harmoniously arranges the functional and function-optimised aspects of the Water Zones and applies them in a space-saving and accommodating way. A multi-functional deep basin combines with a flat basin for prep work and cooking. A retractable spray fitting provides the necessary range of motion in both zones.

The programme was expanded in 2010 to include Cutting Boards, which are available in oak or a black synthetic material.

The Water Zones concept was awarded the prize for Kücheninnovation des Jahres® [kitchen innovation of the year] at the Ambiente Frankfurt trade fair in 2009.

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