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The subject: New “Dornbracht Bathroom” magazine
The novelty: Replaces “Dornbracht the SPIRIT of WATER”
The content: Inspiration for bath and spa

New Dornbracht magazine for the bathroom and spa environments: “Dornbracht Bathroom”

ISERLOHN As part of the introduction of the “Culturing Life” brand claim, Dornbracht presents its new “Dornbracht Bathroom” magazine. After “The Spirit of Water”, which formulated our fascination with the element of water, the new 220-page magazine provides inspiration with large, emotional images and multi-faceted examples of the areas of bath and spa.

While “The Spirit of Water” was dedicated especially to the passion for water and the various ways it can be supplied, the holistic attitude of the new “Culturing Life” brand claim manifests itself in “Dornbracht Bathroom”: technology and health awareness are harmonized, and the quality of life is enhanced by intelligent water applications.

The brand claim stands for the vision of making life easier and more intense using individualized product and system solutions. Dornbracht laid the foundation for this visionary claim a few years ago by consistently expanding its product portfolio with specially coordinated applications, like ATT (Ambiance Tuning Technology).

“‘Culturing Life’ is the pioneering driver for a new understanding of bathroom and spa culture,” explains Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht. “The magazine provides impulses and orientation, representing a further important step towards letting ‘Culturing Life’ be experienced to an even greater degree.”

The structure of the magazine reflects our intense examination of people’s needs in the bathroom. The focus is on outlining all Dornbracht design series as well as the brand's expertise: Transforming Water, Performing Water and Smart Water. The artistic and cultural standards are reflected in the documentation of Culture Projects. This cultural series, which Dornbracht initiated in collaborations with artists, designers, and philosophers, continually engenders new discourses, ideas, and inspirations that also flow into the development of product concepts. For example, the development of ritual architecture was heavily influenced by the observation of the various actions and rituals of cleansing.

Each chapter is introduced with questions intended to encourage readers to reflect on their own desires: How does water affect our being? What happens when spaces are defined and built using rituals? How should the different zones in the bathroom be equipped to fit my personal need?

The magazine is available now and can be ordered or downloaded at

Dornbracht Bathroom 01 With the new “Dornbracht Bathroom” magazine, Dornbracht makes it possible to experience its brand claim over 220 pages: “Culturing Life” stands for harmonizing vision, technology, health awareness, and increasing quality of life using intelligent water applications.
Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht Bathroom 02 The new “Dornbracht Bathroom” magazine: large, emotional pictures display the bathroom and spa environments in a fascinating and multi-faceted way. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht Bathroom 03 The magazine provides an overview of the various Dornbracht design series and information about important details and innovations. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht Bathroom 04 Each chapter in “Dornbracht Bathroom” is introduced with questions intended to encourage readers to reflect on their personal desires and needs. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht Bathroom 05 An individual bathroom architecture, tailored to your personal needs: Dornbracht’s modular sampling allows for combining applications, outlets, and controls for all designs and series. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht
Dornbracht Bathroom 06 “Dornbracht Bathroom” provides a vivid insight into Dornbracht’s brands and products. Foot Bath is one of the most recent innovations: an electronic and scenario-capable unit for individual soothing foot bath experiences. Photos: Wolfram Buck Copyright: Dornbracht