Let's get physical.

Tara.Logic becomes Meta
The collections TARA LOGIC and META 02 have been aesthetically and functionally redesigned and have been merged into the all-new collection META. The existing items will be discontinued from September 30th 2019. Discover the new META collection.

TARA LOGIC takes up the form of the Tara Classic single-lever mixer and radically modernizes it, although it is still instantly recognizable. It is narrower, extends upwards – but still has the same reduced design based on a cylindrical structure. Whether as a shower stem or a free-standing single-lever mixer on the tub, TARA LOGIC reaches elegantly upwards. It looks well-toned and encourages us to emulate it. Because there is no rosette, it looks even more streamlined and aspiring.

This results in a progressive, minimalistic verticality that can be transferred to the architecture and design of the bathroom.


  • Best of Year Award, Interior Design Magazine, USA
  • Good Design Award, The Chicago Athenaeum, USA

The architecture of the TARA LOGIC ritual bathroom also takes up the use of the fitting's form. The dividing elements consist of tall panels in different materials that are positioned to separate the individual zones from each other. At the same time, the architecture transforms the verticality of TARA LOGIC into physical activity. The bathroom as an active spa, as a private fitness studio. The body as an instrument that is strengthened intelligently. The combination of mind and body, intelligence and elegance.

The Tara Logic ritual bathroom is set out in six zones that are completed in a set sequence like the stations in a fitness studio, although they can also be used individually: Preparation, Facewash, Body Cleansing, Shower, Contrast Bath and Private Gym.


Dornbracht Bathroom 2014


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