An elegant yet progressive design for a new modern-day iconography

By virtue of its elegant yet progressive design, VAIA harmoniously blends into traditional and modern-minimalistic architectures – as well as those that combine elements of different styles. A characteristic feature of VAIA are the soft radii, the fine silhouette and the flowing transitions. The conical rosettes appear to almost merge with the washstand. The craftsmanship is precise, down to the last detail: the joints are meticulously defined and the hidden aerator remains unnoticed until the water flows.

New color collection adds even more creative scope

DARK PLATINUM MATTE, DARK BRASS MATTE and DARK BRONZE MATTE: the new color collection is characterized by its dark, silky-matt shades and slight brushstroke texture. Warm, soft and earthy, they embody a sense of originality and coziness, thereby creating highlights in the bathroom which are equally archaic and contemporary. Exclusive to VAIA, the new finishes supplement platinum matte and polished chrome to provide new inspiration and even more creative scope.

Colors with a unique level of depth and brilliance

Thanks to a specially developed manufacturing process and a unique matting method that all of Dornbracht’s finishes share, DARK PLATINUM MATTE, DARK BRASS MATTE and DARK BRONZE MATTE raise the bar for depth and brilliance of color to an unprecedented level. Additionally, the silky surface texture originating from the particularly fine brushstrokes is also exceptionally pleasant to the touch.


VAIA design principles

VAIA is based on the design principles that characterize all the Dornbracht series. The “5 Ps” – Proportion, Precision, Progressiveness, Personality and Performance – create a sustainable and long-lasting aesthetic appeal that is evident in the new VAIA series: its proportions are balanced, harmonious and precise. Its design is shaped by clear lines and exact transitions. The workmanship is outstanding, down to the last detail. VAIA picks up the latest trends in interior design, not to imitate them, but to give them a new interpretation, which – along with the new color collection – contributes to a progressive style of interior architecture.