Convenience Through High-tech

Dornbracht’s eUnit Kitchen uses SMART WATER technology to make cleaning, prepping and cooking easy. The intuitive controls and display switch allow you to precisely control water temperature and volume and includes features like the foot sensor for hands-free control and a measurement function that dispenses the exact amount of cups or quarts for a recipe. With a universal, simple aesthetic, SMART WATER fits into any kitchen design.

Key Features

- Foot sensor for hands-free control
- Measurement function dispenses water in cups and quarts
- Memory function temporarily stores settings to save water in-between tasks
- Customized settings for various pots and pans
- Anti-scald protection with override feature
- Electronic drain keeps hands out of dirty water
- Simple display switch and control knobs
- No complicated menus
- All options on the first level
- Easy to work with wet hands – not a touch screen
- ‘Plug ‘n’ play’ installation makes it easy to install

eUnit Kitchen is available April 2015

Dornbracht Kitchen


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