Luxury Showers, Faucets and Sinks for Bath and Kitchen by Dornbracht

Dornbracht CYO Bathroom Inspiration Estate

CYO – A bold statement in both progressive and classic bathrooms.
CYO represents tradition and the future here and now.

Dornbracht luxury bathroom faucets Touchfree infrared

Dornbracht Touchfree
A touchless bathroom faucet for use in upscale semipublic locations

Dornbracht luxury bathroom faucets CYO Mystical

The importance of materials in architecture and interior design #materialsmatter

Dornbracht Conversations 9 Salone di Mobile

Dornbracht Conversations 9 “On Space and its Healing Qualities”

Dornbracht Bathroom Madison Dark Platinum Matte Inspiration

Madison – Find elegance beyond time
Classical elegance outlasts every trend. MADISON, with its classic-historic design, embodies this timelessness.

Dornbracht Tara Brass Finish Inspiration

Inspiring Brass – A touch of luxury
A material with extraordinary appeal: Brass brings luxury and timeless elegance to any room, complementing various design styles and color schemes.

Dornbracht Bathroom with Personality MEM1

A customized bathroom experience

Whether you're taking a moment to wind down and recharge after a long day, or giving your immune system a boost, our luxury showers and water solutions provide healing through multisensory experiences that reinvigorate the mind and body so you can take on the world.

Dornbracht Lot Dark Platinum matte Kitchen Inspiration

Exclusive design for your kitchen

The kitchen is the centerpiece of a living space often serving many functions. Dornbracht has developed luxury fittings to meet the various needs of this living space, setting standards in design, technology and function.

Dornbracht Spa Kneipp Inspiration

Water solutions for your well-being

Through research and our close collaboration with leading health and wellness experts, we believe in the therapeutic use of water as an integral part of the wellness journey. Discover healing through multisensory experiences for your bathroom and reinvigorate the mind and body to take on the world.

What motivates us?

Our belief that your personal wellness and sustainability starts in the bathroom. Our products are designed to enhance the routine bathroom experience which will ultimately enrich your day-to-day life.

Dornbracht Icons chrome Inspiration

Iconic and timeless

Dornbracht Deque chrome Bathroom Inspiration

Water therapy that heals and replenishes the body and mind.

Dornbracht Mem chrome

Quality that inspires you every day.

Dornbracht Vaia Dark Platinum matte Bathroom Inspiration

Collaborations that inspire you and us.

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