CARSTEN GOERTZ - composes realtime audiovisuals, installations and media-scenography. Since 2002 he is lecturing, giving seminars and workshops on audiovisual performance at various international academies and institutes. Starting from 2003 he played on festivals and concerts, from Brazil to Japan and all over Europe and was broadly exhibiting as well. His focus is on generative realtime-media, based on sensory input, sound-analysis and live controller-interaction. Carsten Goertz' works incorporate a strong interest in system theory, methods of visualization and the reconstruction of realities.

MARTIN HESSELMEIER - In 2002 Martin Hesselmeier received a Diploma in Communication Design from the University of Applied Sciences, academy of arts and design Mannheim and in 2007 a Diploma in Audio-Visual Media at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne as a postraduate student. His focus is on reactive installations with the limits of human perception. The questioning of the credibility of mediated content and the blurring of boundaries between reality and virtuality. His work has been shown in many institutes and international festivals of media art.

ANDREAS MUXEL - In 2004 Andreas Muxel received a Diploma in Media Communication Design from the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg. Between 2004 and 2007 he worked as an interaction and interface designer for the MARS-Exploratory Media Lab at the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication. In 2008 he finished his postgraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. In his works he is interested in the mixture of digital code and physical material and the man-machine interface. He lives and works in Cologne.

MARCUS SCHMICKLER - Lives and works in Cologne. He is a classically trained composer and electronic musician, a versatile artist of many faces. His compositions contribute to the tradition of German academic electronic and electroacoustic music, and at the same time relate to the latest trends in today's electronic avant-garde. He is also an active improviser, working in different configurations with other improvising instrumentalists, in this context mainly using computer. His interest in more conventional forms of music is reflected in his activity with the Pluramon project.