Dornbracht Experience Shower Sensory Sky Inspiration

Sensory Sky ATT

The luxury shower for the senses. 

Like showering under the open sky, engage your senses with SENSORY SKY ATT

Inspired by weather phenomena in nature, this unique luxury shower enlivens the senses through the interplay of rain, mist, lighting and fragrances. The lavish rain shower brings nature into your bathroom or spa.

Dornbracht Experience Shower Sensory Sky Inspiration
Dornbracht Experience Shower Sensory Sky Inspiration

The luxury shower SENSORY SKY ATT creates a unique, natural experience. Feel the connection to nature under a rain shower or as a cold water mist softly blankets the skin. Immerse yourself in a protective cocoon of water to revitalize your body.

Dornbracht Experience Shower Sensory Sky

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Together with experts from the health and wellness sector, we have developed unique Signature Treatments – perfectly coordinated water choreographies that you can enjoy at the touch of a button. With the three Signature Treatments READJUST, RELEASE and REJOICE, you can enjoy an extraordinary nature experience that touches your soul.

Behind the minimalist, timeless design lies the innovative technology of SENSORY SKY ATT. 

This unique luxury shower for the senses is controlled with easy-to-use Dornbracht Smart Tools. With the digital controls, you can control lighting, fragrances and rain types separately or  choose from one of three preprogramed Signature Treatments. You can also control with the SMART WATER APP from your mobile device.

Dornbracht Experience Shower Sensory Sky Inspiration

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Dornbracht has developed a range of water applications based on established health and wellness science. Discover the positive power of water.

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